Frigid atmosphere

Today I’d like to thank the stars of yesterday’s blog piece – the maggots. It was entirely down to them that Other Half leapt into the van and shot off to town to buy a new fridge. I have been explaining for some years, ever since he changed the door around, moving the hinges, that it didn’t shut properly. It took living proof (literally) that flies could get in there to prompt him into immediate action.

OK he came home with a fridge/freezer that is far too big and there is now no space on top for the kettle to live. No matter. I will work around it somehow. I didn’t need another fridge/freezer, I needed a small fridge.

This brings me to a subject I rarely touch. The real differences between the functioning of the male or female brain. Economics is a prime example. Female logic is – I saw a gorgeous bag/skirt/pair of sandals but they were nearly 100 euros so I didn’t buy them. I bought one for 10 euros QED – we have saved 90 euros, good girl me!
Man’s reaction is usually – what the f*** are you doing? You have more bags/skirts/pairs of sandals than you could use in the rest of your life!

Right – so I understand. We cannot afford an Indian skirt off Amazon for 10 euros (Prime – no postage) and we are therefore total paupers. Fine! I can work with that, as a kid “we wuz proper poor”.

Male logic is “Me want fridge. Me hate maggots. Me spend 300 euros on very BIG fridge”
Now I’m confused. We don’t have 10 euros for a skirt but we have 300 to spare for over-large white goods which mean I am going to have to re-arrange the kitchen completely.

Can anyone explain this to me because it has me beat?

11 thoughts on “Frigid atmosphere

  1. Lol…so with you on this one! I look after the finances in our home, very well, if I do say so myself. I will make do with an oven that doesn’t close properly and heats the whole house when I use it, and needs an extra fifteen minutes to cook anything…as we haven’t got spare cash. But that doesn’t stop hubby scouring the internet for cars and bikes and anything else he fancies…not ovens though. Just as well I hold onto the purse strings, lol…or we’d be broke!

  2. Still has me beat. I used to think it was just my father who was like this and mean as all get-out except when he wanted to buy something for himself. But the older I became, the more I realised what a common male trait this is. My mother would buy a cheap plastic handbag from Woolies and my father would nearly explode. And yet look, he’s just bought a new boat. Well, I never!

  3. I totally understand but I live with the exception to the rule! Well I suppose there had to be ONE man alive who thinks through every big purchase way beyond the time the rest of mankind collectively would, and then hesitates. It has its plus points (like available cash) but can be wearing when you actually need something!

  4. I’ve had these exact same arguments at home. Eg. Daughter Number 1 says Look Dad, I just got these new shoes, they were reduced from £120 to £80 – Ive just saved £40!


    What she’s just done is spent £80 – £80 she never needed to spend in the first place!!!!

    So, she’s not saved money, she’s *wasted* money!!

    With me so far??????


    Now, blokes on the other hand…. The house needs a new fridge. A fridge fridge, which is nothing more than, well, a fridge costs £250…. BUT hey, for another £50 we can have a mahoosive walk-in fridge/freezer … that’s the one for us 🙂

    Doesnt matter these’s nowhere for the kettle to live or the kichen now has to be demolished/remodelled…. irrelevant!!!!


    And that, in a nutshell, is how it works.

    Happy to help.

    You’re welcome.


  5. I don’t think anyone could explain the workings of a man’s mind, not in any way that makes sense!
    The upside is usually all that counts in the end, at least there will be no more maggots…

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