A peep inside

I’m prompted to write this blog piece by the phrase “opposites attract”. I don’t know what you think of me but my own preferred adjective would be “tolerant”.

I don’t judge other people by their sexual preference, race, religious beliefs, or any other distinction. My only question is – do we get on? Can we be friends? Simple enough, innit?

My other half, Badger, on the other hand, at first meeting is every kind of …ist you could wish for. Racist, sexist, just keep adding to the list but the one that gets me very badly is homophobe. I’m not entirely sure about my own sexuality and I don’t give a damn about anyone else’s. Most of my best friends are gay men and some lesbians have, when not being lovers, snuggled into my life as well. So I go several shades of purple when my other half says I shouldn’t kiss a gay guy on the lips in case I catch AIDS. No – you did read that right, not SNOG but just a chaste kiss on the lips.

Hello? Which century? I am a vet nurse. I know about infection. I know that AIDS is only transferred by bodily fluids and if you are now retching, you are not my friend. I speak the truth as I see it.

My dear friend Karen asked me how it was possible that two such diametrically opposed people could be married. I have to say that , if you dig deep enough, if you have the time and patience, under all that 75 year old bluster, he’s a very kind and caring chap. I can bring my black, gay, Muslim friends home and he will welcome them (no, I know – I’m exaggerating) You have to keep digging for a long time, you have to be willing to find the best in people (big time) but it’s there.

Maybe that is why I call him Badger. He’s gruff, rough, growly and bites before thinking, but he’s actually a cuddly creature when you get to know him. Beware though – Badgers are not known for their tolerance!

7 thoughts on “A peep inside

  1. Hi Alisa,

    I don’t know the psychological definition of how opposites attract, I mean, is it even a fact?

    I guess when two people are so different from each other, yet feel the spark of attraction to want to know more about one another is when it manifests into a successful relationship.

    It’s like being challenged within a relationship to keep it healthy and flowing. Having so many differences would be a challenge everyday whilst keeping the curiosity there wanting to dig deeper at each others interests.

  2. I don’t know if it is a fact, sweetheart, but it is certainly entertaining. Just when I think he can’t surprise me, he comes out with something even more outrageous! Perhaps you’re right – keeps the curiosity going. What the hell is he going to say next?????

  3. I have friends who hold the most (to me) intolerant and even worrying views on certain subjects and yet there is something else about them that is so entirely loveable that I can overlook it for the same of our friendship. I guess that makes me the tolerant one, or is it them? Do they gnash their teeth at me for being a “woolly-minded liberal”?
    Whichever, I do think it’s good to dig deep and find the good in others – we don’t get long on this planet and we should try and get along 🙂

  4. I’d much rather people who can say outrageous things but will give people their do than masters in diplomacy that might go and do the most awful things, always with a smile, though.

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