Who’s his Mummy’s baby then? Titch was! Note Scottish humour, six week pup that looks like a calf? Call it Titch.
There are drawbacks to being a shaman and keeping animals (should I say share your space with?) They know what you are thinking and Titch informed me at the beginning of this year that this would be his last. He’d not see another Spring.
He then went off and waited til I was in hospital following a ding-zapper of a motorcycle crash to cover his disappearance. My head and Spirit were in a bit of a state so he took advantage and raced me for it to the Rainbow Bridge. He didn’t want me going there alone, so he went on in advance, where I know he’ll we waiting with my other fur babies when I get there myself.
At this point he was cheating. I’d lost my spleen, lots of skin off my arms, several ribs and was a bit distracted when his Spirit came to say Goodbye and take on the journey solo. He didn’t realise I have been there before and wanted to wait for me, his body having become a burden to him.
I was out of my mind, having dreams, always aware it was a “family matter.” So I was not surprised when I discovered that he had slipped away; I knew there was a big hole in the family.
I should not have been surprised. Who’s Mum’s baby then? Who’d do anything to spare his Mum any grief?
Who thought his Dad had enough on his paws? Nice boy, kind, patent Titch. Wait there, sunshine, catch you up.

Even animals respond to hugs.

11 thoughts on “Baby!

  1. I second the ape’s comments up there. Please don’t be in too much of a hurry to join him. I’m sure he’ll wait for you. I’m pretty sure they can come back and say hello if you’re in dire need, too.



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