Go away….

This feeling is becoming familiar. I’m a communicator but following a stroke, I can’t do it. My mouth doesn’t move fast enough, the face muscles are stiff and gestures just won’t come.  I can’t do it.


In any language, I’m a born exhibitionist. I tell stories, I act them out. I play every role. Mime is second nature. This is why learning new languages is so easy. Now, following a stroke, a bike accident and several rather nasty bits of damage, I can’t communicate. I have to think “Surprise” before my face will settle into the amazement mode.  Many parts of me are stiff and sore so I can’t move them.  Shrug? You kidding?

I need to go away and practice. A little time to go somewhere I don’t speak the lingo and make a clown of myself…. it’s the only thing that will work.

I miss you all and love you lots. I’ll be back when I can communicate xxxx

9 thoughts on “Go away….

  1. You must take care of yourself first and foremost, and I’m sure everyone understands. Sending healing energy, light, and love. Ailsa. Will look forward to reading more of your adventures when you are feeling better. xo

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