Lily the Hum, PhD

Hello Tweepies, Faboos and other box friends.

I am now Mum’s PhD (personal hindrance dog) as she cannot type and I am working quay board with paws and chin for Space Bar. Mum is dick. Tating to me. Oops – dictating is one word and I cannot do eel iminate.

Grate news – we is off to home kennel tomorrow. Two more “Hello, Sun times” and we be back. This is cos Dad have no toys to play with. Ooops – Mum and me haves toys, Dad has tools, jobs and important hobbies. Well the Whyfly here does not work on his pooter. So he is sulking.

Funny cos he told Mum not to be childish, which means – you are big puppy. Mum went sadface and said “But I IS childish, that is my nature” so it serve him right. Mum was very kind and said she could get mush more exercise at home and I (me, Lily) could have FOUR walks a day – two slow with Mum and two shuffle with Dad.

Other big funny is – man wot whistles is not a man but a parrot. Mum and I went for walk while Dad took down the yawning from van. Whistle cheep. Look over and there is grey parrot. Mum said “Oh look, African Grey” and I thought, well I can see it not Norwegian Blue!!!

He is the one who whistle. So Mum went over all respectful cos I taut her animal etty-ket and she knows not to go close or touch. They whistled, played dance – bounce, lift one paw, bounce, lift other, paw … put head to one side to look up snout, then other side. But parrot played “I can look up own bum” and Mum no good at that game at best of times so she said “OK you win.”

Then they whistled a bit and he climbed up pole. Mum said “Can you see my house from up there?” and the parrot said, clear as day “Eejit” wot made us laugh lots.

Then Mum said she was sorry about parrot’s mister but parrot did great big hur hur hur laugh like Dad do when he make a big fart. He obviously think it funny.

Later Mum saw Mr. Parrot on his Suzuki and waved biker style to him and he waved back so all is good.

Today I learned that my Mum is not always right but always funny, parrots are very intelligent and have great sense of humour.

I would like parrot for Christmas please. I teach it to bark bad wurds and whistle forever. That serve Dad right too.

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