Religious Pick n Mix

To a season
This is one of my favourites. OK so it is Judeo-Christian in origin but if one has followed an earth-centred path, it has resonance. Today’s beautiful flowers are tomorrow’s compost that will feed the garden to make more beautiful flowers next year…it’s just a case of waiting (or being around) next year.

There is a Buddhist aspect to it as well – acceptance. I love this quotation – it is the last line that ties in with the above. Right living and right thinking are encapsulated in that last line.

So. I am hobbling around like Chester to Badger’s Matt Dillon and sneezing is hilarious – Achooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This too shall pass and as Mother Julian of Norwich would say “All shall be well, all manner of things shall be well.”

Except I may have to live with change. The time to be a rock and rolling Granny may be over and who knows what wonders I may discover for which I’ve had no time so far, zooming around on my motorbike and getting half of me removed?
One of my seasons is ending. I know that. But if autumn come, can Christmas be far behind? If the leaves are falling off the trees, there will be piles of them to jump into and kick around.

The secret is to live in acceptance and hope. Sing a jolly song and trust that all shall, indeed, be well.
Who knows?

8 thoughts on “Religious Pick n Mix

  1. Thanks, Jeff. As I’ve said so often, I’m an equal-gods employer and make no discrimination – whatever is good and right and helpful…. pick it up and run with it (or in my case hobble carefully at the moment LOL)

  2. so very true, Ailsa.We have to simply accept the changes that we have no control over and figure out how to have some fun with them!
    Nature does this all the time, and we should follow suit…
    Glad that you are sounding better now, by the way…

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