New life starts …

I hinted at this some posts ago but maybe there DOES come a time when we have to start acting our age, even if we don’t feel it. In my case it has taken a pretty severe road accident to bring that home to me and I thank all the deities that I survived it to come to this decision.

When I start doing a role-call of body parts, there are quite a few missing and some of the remaining ones are wonky in the extreme. So far in my life I have carried on as if I were unbreakable (despite lots of evidence to the contrary). I’m not accident prone, I’m a disaster magnet. I suppose riding horses, windsurfing, racing dinghies and other interests have contributed. Being born with bits of me already wonky didn’t help.

The doctors have decided that, given my mental health state and yet another bang on the bonce (despite wearing a helmet) which caused severe concussion, I must lose my driving license for at least six months or until I have passed a medical. Given that I was in a medically induced coma for (I’m told) two weeks, that seems fair.

I have a cross stitch framed on the wall saying “Every day is a new beginning” and I believe that. So I will be doing less dangerous but more interesting things with my time. Quite sure that I can find engrossing pastimes. I shall not, for the sake of the neighbours, be learning the bagpipes but will be slightly kinder to my body. It is already complaining that it is a great grandmother and should not be expected to do some of the antics already.

I may even find more time to write if my brain, hands and memory can form a co-operative and work together. I have no intention of reaching the crematorium in wonderful nick – it’s too late for that, my body looks like a railway map of Europe but perhaps I’ll slide in more gently rather than gun my motorbike up to the grave screaming “wooohooo what a ride!”

Nurse Lily taking care of Mum
Nurse Lily taking care of Mum

Badger is 75 and not up to nursing me. If I fall over he can’t pick me up. Time to slow down physically … but the mind will still be going frantic!!!



New easy-open Ziplock witch!
New easy-open Ziplock witch!

6 thoughts on “New life starts …

  1. Thankfully the mind can create adventures that no body (however fit) would be able to cope with. Keep all the pieces together and I’m sure you’ll discover some great but less physically demanding activities. 🙂

  2. You may not be quite the same now as you were a before the accident, but you’re still here. You may have parts missing, but at least your head isn’t one of them. And your heart is as big as ever. Stay safe xx

  3. Thank goodness you survived– we were all so worried…and as for your tum -remind me to show yu my back when you come over!! I have had a double discectomy…zips? Tell me about it!

  4. That’s quite a scar! I have big fondness for all my scars…they show me what I’ve done and who I am, yours will too, and you’ll always be interesting…to the extreme, whether on a bike or not. We love you and are so glad you made it through!
    Enjoy your new adventures, be they slightly less physical! x

  5. Bless you all – I asked the surgeon, as I’d had so many abdominal ops if he’d decided it was easier to insert a zip to facilitate the next one! He thought that was hilarious – French sense of humour – zero!

  6. So long as you promise not to give up on being gobby that’s fine with me! I thought of you, last night as I ranted at some man who came piling down the little road we live on in his car.



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