New Game

Following some unpleasantness, I’m limiting my time on FB. I need to get on with Book 3 (and others) and I’m supposed to be resting and healing – oh don’t even ask, too many injuries to mention.

SO – from now on I will be posting only on


my Author page.


This is because only members can post on there and might prevent people “taking a pop at me” for no reason.


My editor, Stephanie is happy that I am going to continue writing because it did cross my mind to throw the whole thing in the air and flounce off … well no……. THAT would be childish. If you want to contact me, there are my email addresses and my FB in box – but please keep it nice cos I am in a bit of a mess both physically and emotionally OK?

Big ladies crying is not a nice sight so… save the world, make the fat lady laugh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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