Watch your language!

WARNING – bit of swearing here.

My other half is called Badger, as most of  you know and his command of the French language isn’t bad, hampered as it is by a Bristolian accent which makes his English hard to fathom sometimes.

He used to team-teach with me and I just discovered that he is still teaching…swearwords!

Look at that picture down there.  Would you ask that critter for a philosophical debate or demand the Badger-ese for “willy? Right! So my Badger has been helpfully teaching staff at local shops to swear fluently in English. There is a problem with the short “i” sound in shit so most people say sheet, which ends up like a Benny Hill sketch. “I wanna sheet on de bed”.

He teaches them to say bollix instead or fuggit. He has a whole following of scrap dealers, bank clerks and postal employees who love him because he knows the exact translation into French – it was the first thing I taught him. When there is a breakdown in communication he can mime or point.

I am sometimes very proud of Badger. He may not be fluent in French but he gets the point across wonderfully, bless ‘im.

mortarBadger bath




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