R and R


No – not rest and recuperation, that is from my military days. This is for Rights and Responsibilities. Had a lot of “thinks” about this regarding social media. Much crochet, yarn flicking, mind in time with it.

We all have the right to speak our mind, freedom of speech etc. However, we have the responsibility to ensure that we don’t hurt or offend our friends. Hopefully nobody else either but brainless folks defending the indefensible are probably best ignored.

That’s the question though, isn’t it? What I find indefensible is perfectly acceptable to others. Should I rage at someone about it? What percentage of the population has to agree with me for it to be OK? At which point do I become a “boring ole fart, banging on again”?

I don’t eat meat but many of my friends do. Does that give me the right to “yukkie” a photo they post about their dinner? No, not really. Better to say nothing. (This is progress, believe me… Ailsa keeping her big gob shut!)

Easy one there but how about surgical intervention when not medically necessary? I disagree with docking dogs’ tails or cropping their ears just for fashion. So you will imagine my views on genital mutilation of either gender. This puts me at odds with many of my friends whose social or religious beliefs mean they want to mutilate their sons. Their kids, their decisions. I don’t like it but unless asked for my opinion, I’ll shut up.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I will only take up the cudgels when people get their facts wrong and I am absolutely certain of that. It really isn’t worth upsetting folks and that is not why I am on social media. I’m there to chat, laugh, advertise my books and make friends.

So some people get bitten … well, every dog is a wolf underneath xxxx

No I'm NOT a vegan... but tail docking????
No I’m NOT a vegan… but tail docking????

11 thoughts on “R and R

  1. Great post…reminds me of the old saying my granddad had – “watch where you put your hand if you don’t want to lose your fingers! ” Seems very reasonable advice. Now if only I could find my zipper 😀

  2. Thanks Olga and Owls – I tend to get hot under the collar for no good reason but as I age (rapidly) I realise I’m wasting my energy and serving no good purpose.
    Yes, don’t poke the lion in the eye with a stick if you don’t want him to eat you !

  3. Thank you! A very well known blogger went for someone’s throat last week, when all they needed to do was delete a trollish comment. This needs to be said.

  4. I know what you mean, Ailsa. Sometimes I could be mistaken for someone who doesn’t care about most things. Not true, I have discovered there is very little I can do about anything these days, so I have stopped arguing. I’m far too old to argue!

  5. Hi Ailsa, nice to meet you. I find the whole FB social media thing fascinating. In as much as I can’t get my head around people who come out with things like, ‘Oh *insert expletive of choice* not again, I don’t need this.’ Their friends all come on and ask what’s up and there’s no answer. Crazy. Or there’s the obvious propaganda about *insert religion of choice or atrocity here* and the memes come out with pictures that could be taken anywhere and at anytime and not always in context. It goes on and I shake my head sadly, have a laugh at the LOL cats and cute pics then get back to the real world.

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