This post will read comically because that is how I handle most things but the situation was dangerous.

As most of you know, I was involved in a severe motorcycle accident recently. I am gradually getting out on my bicycle to exercise muscles that were cut in the operations and to get back on the road. I won’t be able to drive until I have had another brain scan following yet another head injury.

So this afternoon I was wheeling my bicycle across the drive to go for a quiet ride in the afternoon sun. I was, as ever, rather nervous but looking forward to it.

Tractors thundered up and down the main road and I watched for a space, not on my bicycle saddle but getting ready to set off. This was the point at which my ancient neighbour, sat on the bench facing my house decided to start screeching at me. I may have mentioned that I’m a bit deaf and with the noise of tractors I couldn’t hear what she was screaming. I tried to stop. Wobbled, put my feet down and felt very unsteady.


“I said, be careful. There’s lots of traffic on the road.”

I won’t tell you my answer. It wasn’t rude, nor did I swear but I lost my nerve completely. I pointed at the tiny lane down to the church and said that there wasn’t much traffic there, which is where I intended riding.

What a totally idiotic thing to do. Yell hysterically at someone who wasn’t in danger and frighten the living daylights out of them. That was it. I put my bike away and went back indoors. I couldn’t face being on the road and I was shaking. If I had gone over there I would have said something that I would have regretted. I didn’t …but I came back into the kitchen swearing under my breath and banging things. I missed my nice ride out in what could be the last sunny day for a while.

Once I am totally calm, I may have to explain to her that I am very deaf and shouting at me makes me very nervous. At least I hope that is all I say.

Don't make me go out!
Don’t make me go out!

3 thoughts on “Danger!!

  1. I think you did well just turning back and not taking it up with her. She probably thought she was doing you a favour and it might be best as you suggest to talk to her when you’re feeling calmer (although some people sometimes just don’t “get it”). Good to be going back on your bike.

  2. She is a great grandmother and “knows better” no matter what the subject. Having slept on it I think I will just leave it and ignore her if she yells at me on my bicycle again … dammit going to cycle!

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