Hold the helicopter!

Despite severe injuries, I can  now afford to joke about my motorcycle accident at the end of August.

There is a thing called “post trauma amnesia” from which I suffer – bonk me on the head and I forget everything for anything from an hour to a day or so BEFORE the incident.

So far I have missed out on two air ambulance lifts. One was when I nose-dived off a cliff when I was 15 – note to self, next time you go abseiling, use a bloody rope!

This time the helicopter took me from the football field to the hospital and I remember zilch.

The down side of this effect is that at the police station this morning, where I had to make a statement, I just kept smiling sweetly and saying “I can’t remember” and asking my husband. The sergeant (a very patient man) told me that they needed MY statement, not his. So we agreed to fill the entire form in with N/A.

“Would you like to add anything?”

“Yes. I am very sorry for all the bother I caused. I have given up bikes and I am furious that I missed my second helicopter ride… should I do it again would you teach someone to wake me up and shout “Hold the helicopter, the passenger is asleep!” then at least I’ll get to experience it?”

He and the gendarmette both laughed but said – no more of that eh? So I proudly showed them my scar and said I wasn’t starting a collection! (Goodie, innit?)


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