7 and 29

Cancel Christmas

It’s mayhem in the Bingergread Cottage today. As I have mentioned, amongst other paths I have followed the shamanic one, rather like Riga in my novels, so I tend to pick up spirits. Like any other friend (or enemy) these can be permanent or temporary and adopt different forms. Maybe I choose to see them like that…who knows?

Also, being an author, my characters live in our house with us. Yes, all the time. At the moment, because we watched a TV show last night I have Cameron Lawton’s character Jack, having a bitch-slapping contest with Iamo over whose book is next in line. Iamo won’t hit Jack because he is gay and therefore to be shown respect as a woman (these things matter in his lineage) and Jack won’t hit Iamo because he is a priest. So proper punches are not being exchanged but voices are getting raised.

Riga is lying on the floor in fits of hysterical laughter in-between offering her pipe of dream weed to Jack’s partner, Rory who would just like them to shut up so he can enjoy a quiet scotch. Badger, my own partner, is blissfully unaware of all this.

Then there are my imps. I tend to have slightly bad imps but helpful ones. Ali the Djinn who came from Sudan to live with us, I’ve mentioned before. He hides things but returns them when asked and thanked. He’s just a naughty little boy but maybe a lonely one. So I chat to him.

humour imp

My sense of humour has been called “off centre, askew” and “off the wall” so I suppose that seeing my humour imp hanging from my left ear like this is quite apt.

Red Panda
Writing imp

I also try to use humour in my writing so who else would my writing imp be? Look at that face and tell me you don’t want to go and play.

There is another one who is creeping into my consciousness and that is Thumbelina. I’m not sure of her job but as she re-appears almost daily on my FB timeline I have to accept that she is here for a while. Any suggestions? Perhaps she is urging me to be a little more gentle both on myself and others. A kindness imp?

Thumbelina – copyright marked

That’s it – I have the writing study set up in my eyrie and I can get back to work after lunch if “you lot will just shut up”! I SAID SHUT UP!!! (the characters, not you, dear readers)

I think Iamo won!

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