Otter to Fox!


Hi Gang!

Ten days without internet has been an eye-opener but good for me. Of course I missed my on-line family very much but I was with my same-litter peoples for the last week so that was brills.

This may take several blogs to cover but here goes Number One. I started out in London at a Mozilla Firefox conference to which I had been invited as a volunteer. Yes, I know, Mrs. Numpty-at-Pooters is the last person you’d invite but they said I was “good with people” so off I went, despite still being slightly dead from the motorbike accident.

A wheelchair had been hired for me and that was a real eye-opener! I learned a lot from that and although I have never been unkind or ignorant to disabled people, I will in future make more effort to lend a paw. I couldn’t believe the treatment I got in London. Folks appeared to be trying to walk up my lap and getting tetchy because I was slow.

One particularly unpleasant individual was told “Sorry, mate, Kick a Cripple Week is past. Have to wait til next year!” which made him go a funny colour and harumph at me. Another who was tutting and tsking at me got my front wheel in his ankle as I deliberately spun around to apologise. Insult the otter at your peril, public.

The event was great if exhausting and I bombed up and down on my wheels. Nobody asked me difficult questions and I got a technique of saying “I don’t know but I’ll find someone who does, follow me!” then barrelling off, chatting to my visitors and making them laugh.

Biggest laugh was my “reversing vehicle” impression which I did when coming backwards out of lifts. Beep, beep, beep, otter warning!

A big hello and thank you to all the Mozilla folk who made me feel part of the tribe instantly and found things I could do sitting down. Also to the security guys who were unfailingly charming when I had to ask them to open the disabled access so I could nip outside for a smoke.

It also caused a few raised eyebrows when I had to get out of my chair and skip about as my back locked when kept in one position – it’s a Mozilla miracle!

Would you believe that stuck there in that morass of computer genius I couldn’t get on-line??? Apparently I did OK cos I’ve heard they’ve got me on the list for next year. Perhaps by then I’ll be 100% and not “caution, danger, otter on wheels!”

More about the rest of my trip later.


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