Travel souvenirs

What do you bring back from your holidays? Costume dolls, hats, pictures? I usually bring phrases if I’ve been in a country where I don’t speak the language. My head is like a “pending” box – crammed full of scraps of paper with useful info on it. One day I must get in there and sort them out, tidy-like.

This time I sat on the train from Paris and listened to everyone coughing and sneezing, thinking that the best I could hope for was Ebola virus. I’m optimistic like that. No, it’s just a cold/flu type thing that will run its course in a couple of days but has flattened me on top of everything else recently. Trouble with visiting “foreign” places is that one doesn’t have the antibodies. I remember having a virulent reaction to mosquito bites by Lake Como when I was living in Brittany and a regular meal for our home-grown variety to no ill effects.

Navajo Rangers

navajo mountainSomething else that was thrust into my bag before I came home was an idea for another book in the Alchemy series which I never intended to be more than a trilogy. You may remember that Dagda, head of the Black Shamans’ Guild is a Native American. Well I went to a fascinating talk in Stirling by two Navajo Rangers and my ankle was constantly being booted by a moccasin-clad foot urging me to take notes. You see, my characters dictate my books and Dagda, being highly interesting, would like his back story to be told and an adventure of his own. Well I took notes – who knows?

I’m never lonely – besides all my spirit companions, including Titch now who has decided to continue his duties as my personal bodyguard from beyond, I have all my characters around me. So there’s always someone to chat to…or argue with. I wonder why I tend to get two seats to myself on trains?


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