Pills, potions and poison

It’s a bit of a handicap having a certain amount of medical knowledge. I tend to self-diagnose which, as I was a veterinary nurse, means that I’ve had distemper twice and rabies a few times. I also know the side-effects of medicines by heart.

My problem at the moment is that I am not sure about the migraines. I’d never had one until the time the woman smashed into my car last November, causing a stroke. I was only sent for a scan because I suffered unbearable migraines for a couple of months afterwards.

Since my motorbike crash they’ve come back. I don’t want any more MRI scans because I’m sure being bombarded with rays doesn’t do one any good. I’ve had quite a few recently. The only thing that touches them is Zaldiar which is the French brand-name for Tramadol. Yes, they can be highly-addictive if taken too often. The other awkward part is that they wake me up to the point that I am bouncing off the walls because I feel better. The relief of pain is one of the biggest highs in the world (trust me, I’m an expert). Of course, if I haven’t taken them til the pain is dreadful, that means by bed-time I’m not at all ready to sleep.

So don’t take the Tramadol, you say. Well, the pain-killers prescribed for my migraines some time ago were almost pure opium and caffeine – another lethally addictive combination but those sent me to sleep for 18 hours at a time. Effective against migraines but useless for a fully-functioning life.

I shall go and see Seb, my adorable GP. He will probably want to prove that I have (or have not) had a mini-stroke from the bike crash. I really don’t care – they can’t do anything about them but I suppose it should be on my records. He may give me more of the opium … but you see my dilemma?

Please don’t say that if you were a vet you’d consider putting me to sleep…we kept worse cases going for years! *Looks pathetic and lays paw on your knee*


11 thoughts on “Pills, potions and poison

  1. Do you do triptans like, Sumatriptan (Imitrex) over there in the UK? That’s what everyone here in the US seems to take for migraines. That or botox injections which many say are fantastic for long-term relief.

  2. I think if I were the vet I’d give you an injection for relief, sit with you till you nodded off and stay at the end of the phone once you woke.
    Julia had morphine tablets to relieve her pain and they knocked her out but she always woke up pain free until the next time..
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. I’ve been down the Tramadol route until I became allergic to them…. morphine (as morphine sulphate injection) are going the same way. Tried Tryptophan but not the prescribed stuff so I doubt it counts. A solution… if you find one Ailsa I’d love to know.
    I don’t know about keeping animals going past the ‘point’….but with my back I sure as hell wish they would some days.😩

  4. I’ve not taken Tramadol but they didn’t work for Mr FND. I take Sumatriptan but often these don’t work and a couple of Panadol Extra does the trick. Mind you, I think David’s suggestion sounds highly delightful!

  5. Aisle, like you, I suffer from (cluster) migraines (although thankfully not so often now).
    There are two ways I tackle them.
    1. Take two Sinex tablets and sleep for two hours in a dark room
    NOTE – Sinex has caffeine.
    2. Take a whiff (or three) of pure oxygen for 10 to 15 minutes.
    (This was recommended by my Doctors in UAE and in UK when I lived in Herefordshire)
    You may be able to get small dispensers in France from such diverse places from Pharmacies to Garages – or, better still, your local Doctor or hospital.
    Good Luck 😀

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