Swings and Roundabouts

Remember I’ve always compared social media to being at a party? Yesterday I had the identical feelings both good and bad.

At the party I saw a group of people passing around photos and getting very excited. They were the lovely gang FB British Books which does what it says on the lid. It’s for authors of books set in Britain and for people who love reading same. There was such a mad reaction from authors that it is now only open to readers (and those lucky few, like me, who jumped in with both feet from the beginning). The welcome and the atmosphere on there are brilliant. That picture at the top is Loch Lomond, the inspiration for the loch on Iamo’s father’s estate.

Do go and have a look and join. If you like books set in the British Isles, using native English, this is the place to discover new authors and see photos of the places that have inspired them. I could spend ages just looking at the pictures although my own so far have been limited to the building that inspired the Lodge for the Guild of Black Shaman and a London black-cab (essential transport for my magic-users who can’t drive or operate machinery).

Yesterday I also had that ghastly experience of walking up to someone I have met, chatted with and have them turn away with a curt “Who the hell are you?”. Left in the middle of the room with my mouth opening and closing as my self-esteem trickled through the carpet like bathwater down the plughole…I sidled back over to the British Books folks who seemed very much nicer.

Depression sets in .... til I find friends who remember me
Depression sets in …. til I find friends who remember me

11 thoughts on “Swings and Roundabouts

  1. I remember you also, even though we’re only WordPress friends😄.
    Don’t worry – I’m forgotten by almost everyone I used to know. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve slipped into an episode of Fringe and existing in a parallel universe, but one where I’m persona non grata! {Sigh}
    Susan 💖

  2. Probably nothing to do with you and all to do with the other person. It reminds me of Oscar Wild in one of his fairy tales: And I had to go and check to be precise. It’s in ‘The Remarkable Rocket’ : ‘What is a sensitive person?’ ‘A person who, because he has corns himself, always treads on other people’s toes,’

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