My good pal and colleague on Crooked Cat, David Robinson, author of the hysterically funny Flatcap books, amongst others, told me that a near-death experience changes one’s life. He knows this from personal experience.

I just nodded and thought “Well obviously, duuuuuuuuuh!” but I’m here to say that he was right. Having just survived a life-threatening accident (and I mean ONLY just) I begin to realise that my outlook on life is changing daily.

Things and people that seemed important to me before are now dismissed as “trivial”. I recently went into a deep depression, then suddenly came to the conclusion that I was allowing people who don’t matter to dictate my moods. Are they real friends or family? No. Does their opinion of me count? No.

I then thought about all the wonderful people who rang the house, sent messages and supported me while I was in hospital. My lovely publishers organised a whip-round to send me flowers and donated the rest to an otter charity, knowing that it would be close to my heart. Those are people who matter.

On social media we only know the faces that people choose to show us. Until we have our backs to the wall, we don’t know who is a true pal. I’m glad to know that. It’s a valuable lesson. I wish I had learned it earlier, before I allowed “pretend people” to hurt me so badly.

Wiser than he lets on - Flatcap!
Wiser than he lets on – Flatcap!

9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Indeed. As we both know, in times of adversity, you discover your true friends. And those who are only friends to ‘use’ you. As in life, so on social media. I’m glad you and I are mates, Ailsa, and I’m glad me and *********** are not. XX

  2. Also had a NDE, Ailsa, so I know what David`s talking about. Can`t say it`s changed my outlook on life, but it has reduced my fear of dying… and it`s amazing how the human body can bounce back from all sorts of bad things. Keep going, Ailsa!

  3. It’s so true, your attitudes and opinions seem to splinter and change aft r a life threatening event. It has always seemed such a shame the effect cannot be imparted without the horror. Imagine what life would be like if everyone mellow out and treated each other with respect and kindness?
    I guess we may never know.
    Blessings Susan 💖

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