You’re lucky!

This came to mind this morning as I hauled my drugged body around, still reeling from last night’s antihistamine (yes the one you get for hay fever) which my GP has advised me will knock me out as an insomnia cure. He wasn’t kidding. I may surface about tea time just ready to be wide awake at bed time.

It made me think that a lot of my friends on social media have long-term pain problems. We cope with the weird effects of medication – either unable to move due to the pain itself or crawling through treacle from the drugs. We are mainly very accepting and funny about it. We make jokes.

It would be very easy to turn around to others on FB who have ” a nasty sniffle” and do an impression of the above sketch. Sniffle? You’re lucky! My left leg just dropped off!

We don’t, we are generally very sympathetic but that is all that my cotton wool brain can come up with today – tune in tomorrow to see if service has improved. laughing

5 thoughts on “You’re lucky!

  1. I LOVE this sketch. It invades my everyday life with alarming regularity.

    (LIFE? LUXURY!!! We couldn’t afford life; we had to be content with borrowing next door’s measly existence…)

  2. I’d say that makes a lot of sense to me. And for someone who is clearly feeling like a concussed spider struggling through the dust bunnies in a hoover bag it’s extremely impressive!

    Sympathies. 😉



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