Sale on today!

Sale Dec14

So the great news is that you can buy both e-books in the series for less than the normal price of one.

Why should you? OK then – what are the biggest problems facing our world at the moment? Dependence on dwindling stocks of fossil fuels which cause ecological problems is one of the biggest, right? So when a scientist discovers the catalyst that will make converting methane into easily-used fuel, it’s sorted. Except that she wants to use the discovery to end the other two major issues – war and terrorism.

The result is, in a near-future Britain, very like our own, the existing religions have been banned but the old religions and magic have returned. Unfortunately, closing one door has opened another and soon the new Utopia is threatened by an even more ancient danger. It is going to take two magic-users from opposite ends of the spectrum to overcome it.

These books are romance with huge helpings of adventure, a dash of fantasy and some very scary demons. What more could you want for your New  Year reading?


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