I need to thank Seumas Gallagher, “ma big Scots pal” who wrote a great blog piece today which has prompted mine.

It was about who actually writes our work and I freely admitted that my characters, being in a series, living in my house and great mates of mine, do most of the work themselves. I forgot Lily. Small terrier comes up with some great ideas, especially about shape-shifting.

While unpacking my latest delivery from the on-line £5 shop, I remarked that the only thing I’d dislike about becoming a dog permanently was the inability to change looks. Lily put her head on one side and gave me a “duuuuuuh” look.

“Well if you can become a dog, you can become any kind of dog, no?”

That got me thinking (I can do that now I have my proper pills) and we invented the “chamele-hound” which is a dog with the chameleon’s propensity for changing its appearance to suit any given situation. Standing with a purple cardigan draped over a crimson blouse (eww, no, change that!) I gave the pooch to Riga to play with and she was delighted.

“Oh yes – when my mother-in-law enters the room it would be a six-foot tall mastiff but with Iamo and me it could become a sweet little..” she shot a glance at Lily, who was giving her a hard stare, “a really cute scruffy terrier.”

“And if you were in Paris it could be a handbag dog.” Lily sniffed. She disapproves of any canine that won’t or can’t use its own four legs to travel.

So that, dear friends, is how I write my books …with a little help from my friends.

Lily being "in the hood"
Lily being “in the hood”

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