No kidding?

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGIf I say PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) what do you imagine? Some poor military bod returning from Afghanistan with their nerves in bits? A survivor of a terrorist attack? Yes, me too. NOT a large, country-living, past middle-aged woman who just threw herself off her motorbike. No. That’s silly.

Well, when you consider that the least sporty person in the world (moi) can’t suffer from Athlete’s Foot, so it travels a long way north and becomes Athlete’s Tit (same condition but under the boob), it isn’t really that surprising.

When my GP told me, I gave him one of my “Naaaaaaaaah” looks and he explained that it wasn’t the accident, it was the treatment that caused the real trauma shock. I gave this information a couple of moments’ thought and nodded. Yes, helicopter rescue, immediate and severe surgery, followed by coma and waking up tied to the bed (worst bit) was probably  a bit shocking.

More reflection reminded me that I knew someone who got it from his job, which had been a long placement abroad in a post where he had bodyguards and a bullet-proof car. Mind you, I know people who would consider Post Trauma to be what you go through when they fail to deliver a parcel to your house when you had stayed in to receive it, so you have to traipse down to the depot to pick it up. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

So I’m still a bit quiet. I’m recovering. Having had my nerves stretched to snapping point since September is tiring. I’ll be back slowly xxx

14 thoughts on “No kidding?

  1. Take Care of yourself Ailsa. We all want to bounce back quickly from trauma, but the body just isn’t built like that. Shock and the like always show themselves in the end, be it visible (like a rash) or invisible (mental). I wish I could help you, but all I can do is send healing and lots of (((hugs))) xxx

  2. So sorry to hear you continue to have problems, Ailsa. However, it”s good to hear you’re recovering and able to get back to your writing. I’m not surprised to hear what anyone gets wrong with them considering the state of the planet today. I hear about more people, including myself, who have suffered from shingles because they had chickenpox as children. Maybe it’s because doctors know more about these afflictions today than they used to, so they pass on the information to the rest of us. I don’t really want to know what other afflictions are lurking, waiting to attack me. I just take it a day at a time and try to enjoy as much as I can. Take care. 🙂

  3. Yep… PTSD is for soldiers and paramedics and warzones… or apparently motorbikes, comas, and mums by hospital beds.I don’t know how you feel, but I know how I felt, so I can imagine. I went through it after my son was stabbed through the brain. You don’t realise the extent to which it completely turns everything upside down and pretty much takes over your life, waking and sleeping. It is hell.
    All I can do is send hugs and tell you it does get easier, but don’t refuse any help they offer to get you through it.

    1. Yes, I can imagine that but worse for you .. suffering for someone else rather than yourself. I won’t refuse any help, promise and being around my on-line friends is a great comfort. I do hope you are better now, Sue xx

      1. I’m not sure you can ever compare in terms of better or worse… hell is always hell when you are in it.
        Yes, support matters. Makes a huge difference in fact.Lack of it at the time of the trauma can be one of the major contributing factors to developing PTSD in the first place apparently.
        I’m through it now, thank goodness, though occasionally something wl still set off a rare flashback or something. You heal but the scars can still bite your backside every so often out of the blue. xx

  4. I think sometimes we expect too much of ourselves too soon, and don’t allow ourselves enough time to get through things, We expect ourselves to be better straight away, but if it was someone else suffering we’d be telling them that it can take some considerable time, and not to rush things, but we don’t allow ourselves the same privilege. As The Story reading Ape says “Take all the time you need. (Not what you think you need)” Take care my friend,xxxx

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