Just a gesture.

Few of us are able to go out and do news-worthy work in the cause of peace and unity. At the moment, I’m sure many are wondering if we can do anything at all.

Every one of us can. Just a gesture. A smile here, an offer of help to someone in trouble. It all counts.

In the face of the Twin Towers attack which has come to be known as 911, I felt the same but I was given the opportunity to do just one small thing that made a difference to just one person. At the time I was teaching and the next day my lessons began at I.B.M. who were particularly in shock as they had offices in the World Trade Centre. They had lost friends and colleagues. Some had been in that very office only a week before.

As we stood in the car park, I found myself next to one of my students, a charming man of Lebanese extraction. During the two-minute silence, I slipped my hand in his and squeezed. He squeezed back and then both of us stood with tears running down our faces. It wasn’t much, but maybe he felt a little less lonely. It’s in small acts of solidarity like this that everyone can make a difference. The smile you give to another person today might be the only one they see.

Reach out. What have you got to lose?

Just a touch!


20 thoughts on “Just a gesture.

  1. Lovely words that mean so much to others if you just spread some love and kindness. Thank you for sharing and pointing out what little kind gestures can do to one’s self esteem.

    I will be following you for more inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Lovely piece!
    “The smile you give to another person today might be the only one they see.” I loved this, Ailsa! It would be fabulous as an inspirational quote with a photo in the background!

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