Count on Lily

On the long drive back from town this morning, Lily and I had a chat about biscuits. No, it isn’t fascinating to you, but it is a vital subject to her. Whenever we go out for a walk we have “bikkie ritual” which we’ve used over the years to encourage her not to go off without us.

I was explaining that I had found some of her biscuits in my pocket and given them to a man and his dog who didn’t have a kennel of their own. She understood and was horrified.

“No pack?” she asked.

“No. No pack like you have Dad and me.”

She sneezed which is Lily’s way of showing disgust. That got me thinking and I asked her how she always knows how many she’s had and gets quite insistent if I miss a half-one out.

I explained to her that we have five “toes” on our front paws so count in tens, which is both hands. She nodded and we played a game, me holding up fingers and her telling me in dog-speak.




“Front paws”


“Snout AND front paws”


“All paws


“Snout AND all paws”


“Snout, all paws and tail -hah! Thought you’d got me there, didn’t you?” She laid her head on my shoulder and sighed which is the way we usually travel in the big van. “Really? No pack?”

“No, sweetie. Only his man.”

“Good man?”

“Very good man. Looks after him good.”

Lily licked my ear and expressed pleasure that WE had given him HER biscuits.bikkie

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