Nancy Jardine visits

Delighted to have Nancy back for a visit after far too long a gap. This time she has come herself so I’ve banished my characters outside. Nancy, welcome to the Bingergread Cottage and make yourself comfy. There’s hot drinks available and cake or biscuits on the table.

1 Where is your work going now? Your Romano-Celtic Britain series has been fascinating but maybe you are like me and need to change a little sometimes?

Hi, Ailsa! I’m delighted to be back visiting you. I do like a bit of variety in my writing and have been doing both historical and contemporary novels during the past four years. I’ve started Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series covering the years AD 84 – AD 96 where some new characters are introduced and some old ones pop up again. Book 5 will continue on with those who were younger members of the Garrigill Clan in the first books, but I don’t envisage that writing happening before early 2016 since my family commitments are going to be seriously time-sucking in 2015. I’ve no current contemporary writing on the go, but I’ve also been occasionally working on a three book Family Saga that begins in 1850. I love the Victorian era almost as much as the Celtic one, so that’s no hardship and is a lovely break from my Celtic obsession. *wink, wink*Nancy 1

2 Yes, understand that. What are you working on at the moment?

Right now mostly marketing preparation! Since New Year, I’ve completed edits with my newest Crooked Cat editor, Kelly May Illingworth, for reworked versions of Monogamy Twist and Take Me Now. These were first published in the US but Crooked Cat is set to re-launch new editions of these romantic suspense mysteries during 2015. The basic premises are the same, though the Crooked Cat versions are more like my original manuscripts before lots of sensual details were added for the ‘US romance only’ publisher. This process of going back and forwards, adding in and then taking out, has been quite weird though the edits for Crooked Cat have been very light, the reworking having been done last summer before I submitted to CC. I hope that makes sense to you and your blog readers! I also dusted off the final edits for the first of a YA time travel series recently. After this post is written for you, I’ll be cheering because …I’ve cleared off most of my TO DO LIST and can devote my next energies on NEW WORK! Well, that’s if you forget about new blurbs and tag lines, and book trailer videos and organising more guest blogging…Oh, Yeah, New Work!

3 I think a little bird told me you are thinking of self-publishing. What made you go in that direction?

You’re little bird is well informed and I have to say I’m finding the process very scary! There’s a local aspect to my YA time travel historical, The Taexali Game, the trio being based in Aberdeenshire, where I currently live. I want to have physical paperback books to take around libraries and schools (events for these are hopefully in the pipeline) because the content of the novel, I believe, is suitable for older kids/ early teens doing a historical project on Celtic Roman Britain. I also want to sell paperbacks at my local Craft Fairs as well as sell e-books globally via the internet. The Taexali Game has now been superbly edited by Jeff Gardiner. I’ve a graphic designer devising the cover right now and I’m on tenterhooks waiting for that to be finalised. Then I can get everything off to Createspace for the paperback and Amazon for the e-book since, after some research, Createspace looks just perfect for my needs just now. The Taexali Game is also Celtic/Roman but the setting is Aberdeenshire AD 210 when the Roman Emperor Severus invaded the area. Watch out for details of the launch since I’m aiming for the end of February! And any self-publishing/ formatting etc advice is still VERY WELCOME. (She pleads *smiley face*)

4 Which brings us very neatly to…Publicity. You have an advantage over me in that you write in the language of the country in which you live. Tell me about getting out and about to meet your readers.

I’ve done a number of ‘Author Talks’ at local public libraries; to some local ‘book groups’; and at clubs like the Women’s Rural Institute. I’ve not sold many books at these visits (I think maybe an average of 3 or 4) but it’s great to meet potential readers… and the WRI teas are second to none. (I don’t need to eat dinner before I go to those venues! *wink*) However, my best situations for meeting return readers & potential readers of my work are at the local Craft Fairs. Last year, I sold approx 140 of my current CC novels between September and December having joined the Craft Fair circuit late in their yearly cycle. Maybe not mega amounts of sales compared to some authors but for me the effort has been very worth it. I’m intending to do at least a couple of Craft Fairs per month when the circuit restarts in April- the furthest drive being around 20 miles from home, so never too far away.

5 What is your best memory of being a writer so far, knowing that the Celtic Fervour Series isn’t by far your only work? 

Nancy_Jardine_Award_Finalist_The_People's_Book_Prize_2014Loads of memories! In late 2013, Laurence Patterson of Crooked Cat emailed to say he was entering my mystery thriller Topaz Eyes for The People’s Book Prize. That sounded such an honour but I can tell you it was much more memorable being at the Awards Dinner in May 2014. I didn’t win the ultimate prize, but to be sitting there as a Finalist at the ceremony was a fabulous feeling. I was equally (maybe even more) excited when Laurence told me he was entering Book 2 of my Celtic Fervour Series – After Whorl: Bran Reborn – for The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2014. My blood pressure really rocketed! In this business of writing, it’s a case of upwards and onwards- something else is going to be around the corner!

I’m so glad to have come back to visit, Ailsa, and I’m delighted you’ve been well enough to send on the above perfect interview questions. Thank you and you can visit me anytime!

Thanks so much for coming over, Nancy it’s been fun having you. NO, Lily you can’t go home with Auntie Nancy. Just stand on that carpet there, Ms Jardine and I’ll have you home in a jiffy.

Short bio

Nancy Jardine lives in Aberdeenshire, Scotland – currently with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, 3 year old granddaughter and almost 1 year old grandson. It’ll continue to be a busy household till late summer when the new build home should appear on the back garden for the young ‘uns. The great thing about that is Nancy now has less of her original garden to tend, and that garden job should be someone else’s! Childminding is intermittent over the day, so writing time is precious – the tendency for it to be between 9 p.m. and 1a.m.

Her published work to date has been two non fiction history related projects and six novels. Three of the novels are contemporary mysteries, the others historical romantic adventures set in northern Roman Britain, late first century AD. All of these will soon be published by Crooked Cat Publishing. By spring 2015, she’ll have published The Taexali Game, the first of her Rubidium Time Travel series for a YA market.

All matters historical are a passion; Ancestry research a lovely time-suck. She regularly blogs; loves to have guests visit her blog; and Facebooking is a habit she’s trying to keep within reasonable bounds! Any time left in a day is for reading.

Author links:    Twitter @nansjar Facebook:

Amazon Author page for books and to view book trailer videos:


Novels also available from Barnes and Noble; W.H. Smith;; Smashwords; TESCO Blinkboxbooks; and various other places

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    1. Hello Olga (?) Selling at Craft Fairs is a long day but it’s interesting how I’ve quickly got an eye for those who might stop and chat…and even buy. Though there are many browsers who say – I don’t read books.

  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Ailsa! It’s nice to pop over to France for a whirlwind stopover… 😉 Merci bien!

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