Welcome to my world

Chance remark by Badger yesterday got me thinking. I was telling him about my new role as Fairy Grandmother and explaining the difference between Fairy Godmothers and us. Then I had a little chat with Lily about puppies and himself was giving me side-long glances, shaking his head.


“You really do live in your own little world, don’t you?”

Well of COURSE I do and many of you nice Blogsters have remarked that you love coming to visit because it is a friendly world where endings are happy, folks are kind to each other etc. I considered this for a few moments and remarked.

“Well you don’t live in it, Badger. You stand on the other side of the fence and throw food in occasionally.”

The rest of the journey continued in silence while I meditated on why I should do this before coming to the conclusion that I don’t want to live in a world where people kill each other for having different names for their gods, burn people alive or mutilate children of either gender. I live in my world, by the riverbank, populated by my friends the critters because I like it here. Of course the carnivores have to kill to eat but they do it out of necessity, not for fun or because of some imagined slight according to rules made up by people who aren’t here. Yes, in my world the creatures help each other out because I’ve seen too many examples of that happening to disregard it.

When it comes down to it, I live here because it’s where I feel comfortable and any like-minded animals are free to join me. Anyone who doesn’t like it – we don’t proselytize, stay away.

Fairy Godmother
Fairy Godmother
Fairy Grandmother
Fairy Grandmother

8 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. That is my husbands favourite saying to me … ‘ you really do live in your own little world’ wyrd they should chose exactly the same phrase… His other one is. ‘ you really aren’t from this planet are you?’
    And do you know what Otter? I prefer it that way. I love my own little world… It is a great escape, even better when I join up with others of like mind in their little worlds.
    Love to you and your world…
    I’m drawing crows feet at the moment, I should be cleaning, but no, I shall carry on drawing Crows feet. (Therapy).
    Hugs to you.

  2. I have a preference for your world, it’s peaceful.I don’t care for the world where the dominant species looks for different ways to kill each other and where the colour of your skin can decide where you fit or your god lacks the tolerance to allow others theirs.
    I claim Sanctuary,
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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