“Ghost Writer”

Cam as usual elegant self
tiara cropped
Me pretending to be Tink

Today I am going to be talking to myself. Nothing unusual in that, except that I shall be inviting Cameron Lawton to chat to me over the breakfast table which isn’t difficult because he “lives” with us. So, Cam, Bro dear, could you put some clothes on and we’ll chat about your literary career?

Come on, shoot. Or do you want to get the ball rolling while I make some more tea?

OK, let’s start with how you began writing. Rather like a more infamous (and successful) book (now movie), we began in fan-fic, which is a great way to start because the other contributors are encouraging if very harsh critics.

Too right! We got a lot of praise on that, encouraged to submit for publication which was snapped up immediately and you were stuck for a name which would be non-gender specific as some readers don’t like women writing male gay romance. So what did you do? Come clean now, Sis!

I brought you back to life. It is one of the continuing sadnesses in my life that we are twins but I survived birth while you didn’t. I suppose I’ve missed you all the time so when I needed a name, “Cameron Lawton” was ideal.

That’s right. You got my name as your middle name when I died which was rather sweet of the parents and Lawton was one of our family names. Nice of you, (hug).

From there, when I began writing in other genres, I used my present name (or a form of it) and had to explain “Cam”.Cancel Christmas


Well that wasn’t difficult! As I was writing gay fiction it was perfectly normal to assume I’m your twin brother who is gay as a rainbow t-shirt and for unexplained reasons, lives with you and Badger. I got my own social media presence and we took great pleasure in teasing “each other” on-line. Standing joke being that I spend a fortune on aftershave while you wear cheap scent and nick my Aramis when I’m not looking!

It really is great fun, isn’t it? Do you think we really are different? I know that I feel totally “other” when writing your work.

There are differences. My work is much more explicit and I know that you find it really tough to write hetero-sex scenes which is why the very few “in bed moments” in Alchemy and Shaman’s Drum are more emotional than physical and you’ve had to go into my head to write from Iamo’s point of view. Probably it’s because all your life your best mates have been gay men, so you tend to understand better how we feel and don’t “camp it up” too much. Of course I share all your experiences except that we raid Badger’s memory for some things – he’s a much better biker (so I am too) and he was 24 years in the Navy, mixing with other service personnel so I can get my Army stuff right. I don’t know if we ever suggested I was in the military – I don’t expect so. My past-history has remained mainly secret apart from odd hints at heart-break.

Are you happy, though, Cam? Wouldn’t you like to find a partner and settle down?

Well, it’s much better than being dead! I enjoy getting good reviews and running around the house with my underpants on my head, it drives Badger mad! Poor man does have a lot to put up with, both of us around! I may, one day, I suppose…but my real love is Jack in my books and he is firmly tied up with Rory. I do have my best friend Tink, the Happy-Endings Fairy who bears a remarkable resemblance to you, darling Sis!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll write your perfect man into a story one day. Oo should we have a word with Tink about it? She could sort it out! Now – business – give us your links.

NOTE – Cameron’s work is strictly over-18s, sexually explicit and gay – you have been warned (but his main characters are adorable!) He has also contributed to several more main-stream anthologies includingOnce Upon a Time

Web page


Published by MLRPress (adults only)

Amazon Author Page UK

Amazon Author Page USA

6 thoughts on ““Ghost Writer”

  1. You crafty badger, you really had me fooled!
    Single handed, you have just given the term ‘coming out’ a whole new meaning, but if it works, why not. Most of my characters are as real to me as anyone…

    1. Hahahahh – well we thought it was about time – at the beginning most people were “in on the joke” but as more people got to know him we felt it better to come out. Hope you still love him anyway xx

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