Mum gone mentul!

Hello Mum’s friends, Lily here.

You know, for small terrier, I am pretty Oh Fay with modern technology. I understand Kom-poo-tur and can even use it sometimes although I have problems with The Space Bar cos I have to use my nose.

Well, I am writing this because Mum has gone mentul… again! Not in bad, in hospital, way. She has lost her piddling post. No, sorry, name for that is Fayz-Buk. I do not really understand it but she has explained that it is like dustbin by house next to bridge. dog pissingYou go and sniffy to see where all your mates are, what mood they are in eck setera. Well this is an on-line pissing place. She normally goes there a few times a day to sniff her mates messages and have a pee herself. Often she laugh Har Har Har or Roll On Floor with some of things her friends pee there.

Well, we lost it. I not taken it. Not hidden it in bed which is what I normally do with everything to make Dad jump up and shout “FN bones in me bed again!”

No – Fayz-Buk has gone walkies on its own and Mum can’t pee to her friends. This is IMPORTUNT!

She has wurk to do with blog (that is this pee place) but she wants to leave little piddles for others in private. She can’t do it so she is sad. I wish there were a Fix-it person I could ask. Dad no good, he got own problems with a Fox on his Kom-poo-tur.

Good bit is Mum has more time so we go out for long walkies. Har Har – I can leave piddles for my mates – Mum can’t.

Lik on snout to everyone from, Lily.Lily

7 thoughts on “Mum gone mentul!

  1. Hello – Mum here again. No, this computer won’t touch FB in any shape or form. Even www. doesn’t open. Upstairs I can get it so may have to hump all my desk stuff upstairs and bring upstairs computer down here. Ho hum! Off for another walk now… xxxxxxx

    1. Feel like that myself, quite often, Frederick. Unfortunately I’m one of those rather isolated people whose social interaction is mainly on-line. I keep swearing to leave the whole thing… then miss it when it is gone!

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