The Versatile Blogger Award

Nancy 3

My friend and fellow author, Nancy Jardine has nominated me as a versatile blogger for which I am deeply honoured and grateful.
It’s a way to recognise other bloggers and introduce them and their readers to new blogs. It’s so true that  people blog about the most amazing and diverse subjects…as I’m about to do just now. 

 So, what do I have to do?
1. Display the logo (cut and paste it from the nominating post)Versatile Blogger Award
2. Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated me
3. Post seven interesting things about myself (am I that interesting?)
4. Nominate up to fifteen other bloggers (and why I’ve nominated them)
5. Inform them of their nomination
Seven things about me:

1 Drama. I studied at the New College of Speech & Drama for 3 years doing two degrees at the same time so my student life was hectic. I’ve never worked professionally as an actress but it comes in very handy in everyday life, especially when learning a foreign language. My teaching qualification served as my “earner” for 17 years in France.

2 RSPCA. I was head-hunted by this body while working as a Veterinary Nurse in Harrogate. Although after training I would have been given accommodation with the job, my then-partner was not keen on being re-located which was a shame as he threw up his own job a few months later. Ah well, I’d probably have ended up thumping someone if I had become an RSPCA Inspector.

3 Shy. Despite my rip-roaring, rollicking outer self, I am deeply shy. I started playing the clown to cover it up and the mask is now stuck.

4 Repetition compulsion. I have the reputation of being everyone’s mum or auntie which is a good thing apart from the fact which my doctor explained, that I am merely trying to give everyone the lovely childhood I didn’t have. Re-writing history, a speciality.

5 Dyspraxia. This is the technical term for “clumsy git” and I’ve suffered from it most of my life. Diving off cliffs, horses and motorbikes hasn’t helped so now we don’t know if it’s down to brain damage or dyspraxia. Either way, I can trip over a matchstick on the floor and would walk into the only stone in the Sahara.

6 Crane. Despite my phobia of heights, I still found myself 60′ above St. Nazaire docks, teaching English to a crane-driver. Yes, anything for the job!

7 Daredevil. I was a tomboy as a kid and never grew out of it. I can’t resist a challenge and I’m still “up for it” no matter what “it” is. This has lead me into all kinds of injuries and scrapes but I’m still the same and probably it’s too late to change now.

Tomboy me & YES it is wrong - I didn't know aged 6
Tomboy me & YES it is wrong – I didn’t know aged 6

I nominate :

Some of my Twitter blogmates because they are always so generous in their sharing of my own posts and write fascinating things on their own.

M T McGuire

Anita and Jaye Dawes.

David Prosser

Sally G. Cronin

and finally, a friend of mine with whom I can discuss all kinds of spiritual stuff without her making wise-cracks or going to sleep Vivienne Tuffnell

11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. You’re really an angel to have included me in your awards Ailsa but I’m sort of living an award free life at the moment as it takes up so much time and I’ve run out of clever things to say.
    I’m both honoured and grateful you thought of me but I hope you’ll forgive me if I decline this time.
    xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Times change, we realise too late. My däughter has a photograph very similar. They were around then, and are sill in some other countries, I believe. Had we hindsight!…….

    1. True – who’d a thought then that I’d be an animal rights’ activist now? I think RSPCA would have regretted it after I hospitalised thugs who hurt creatures. I have very few secrets left!
      I’m such a blabbermouth!

  3. I liked this ages ago and have been meaning to come back and say thanks… which I now have… and I hope I will get round to posting my own, soon! 😉 Although that maybe after the Easter holidays now.



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