The return of Nancy Jardine

Hello Ailsa, it’s wonderful to be popping back so soon to see you with my latest update. Since I last gobbled down your splendid cakes and drinks, those best laid plans of mine haven’t quite matured yet for The Taexali Game, Book 1 of my Rubidium Time Travel Series, since my original target date for publishing was the end of February/ beginning of March.

It took me a bit longer to finalise my cover design for this novel than I’d first planned, but I’m so glad I waited for my cover designer, Neil Saddler, to be free because I think we’ve got something very spectacular for it. I now aim to publish the paperback version for The Taexali Game via Createspace in April, the ebook version following on via Amazon. This is such a scary and exciting time for me since this particular novel has been so long in the pipeline. I explained during my last visit that I particularly want to have paperback versions of this since it has a local setting (my part of Aberdeenshire, Scotland). As well as global ebook availability, I’ll be selling paperback copies of this novel at my FOCUS Craft Fairs at the venues around Aberdeenshire which I mentioned to you some weeks ago. I spent ages recently signing myself up for approx 20 of these Craft Fairs between the beginning of April and December 2015 so I’m going to be very busy at weekends. My next jobs will be to book some Author Talks at Aberdeenshire libraries to promote The Taexali Game (and my other writing). In the fullness of time, it will be nice if I can stir up some interest in local schools for The Taexali Game as well.

MonogamyTwistNancyJardine+x360However…my current great excitement is that my Crooked Cat re-launch of Monogamy Twist, a contemporary romantic mystery, will be coming first on the 27th March 2015. The cover design for this is also spectacular and I adore it, too – as much as I love this latest edition of the story. Monogamy Twist will appeal to readers who like a bit of history with their mystery – and not too simple a mystery at that, but one with quirky twists and turns as the plot unravels. It will also appeal to those who like to dabble in ancestry since the plot centres on an ancestral tree I really enjoyed creating. I found that Luke Salieri and Rhia Ashton were very adorable characters to create but funnily enough, some readers love my Thor the Irish wolfhound even more!

The setting is Yorkshire, England, a lovely part of the world to visit.

I extend a warm and open invitation to my Facebook Launch Party for Monogamy Twist on the 27th March 2015 where some quirky goodies can be won.

My new writing drags its heels since my time seems to be regularly sucked up in family/ daily life and the promotional aspects of being a novelist– but that’s the case with most of us – isn’t it? It’s the juggling around of ‘non-tired’ time that’s the key to making progress with those WIPs. I’ve now got 5 on the go if I count Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series, x 3 books planned for my family saga, and now the second book of my Rubidium Time Travel Series for early teens that’s set in Victorian Glasgow. Am I aiming high? I think so, but I also think that all authors who are published do this, too.

Thanks for the coffee and cake, Ailsa. I’m off to do more promotional writing before I do my WIP scratches in the wee small hours! Thank you so much for hosting me once again- you’re a fantastic writing ‘buddy’!

You know you are always welcome, Nancy. What are friends for? Get off Nancy’s broom, Lily! Who knows where you’ll end up?



Nancy Jardine lives in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She currently shares a home with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, 3 year old granddaughter and 1 year old grandson. It’ll continue to be a busy household till late summer of 2015 when the new build home will be completed for the young ‘uns on what was Nancy’s former back garden. The loss of that part of the garden won’t be missed since there should now be more writing time available this spring and summer! Childminding is intermittent over the day and any writing time is precious. (If interested in how a new house is built these days, follow my blog posts named ‘Gonna build a house’ )

All matters historical are a passion; Ancestry research a lovely time-suck. Nancy regularly blogs and loves to have guests visit her blog. Facebooking is a habit she’s trying to keep within reasonable bounds! Any time left in a day is for leisure reading and the occasional historical series on TV.


Author links:    Twitter @nansjar Facebook:

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Novels also available from Barnes and Noble; W.H. Smith;; Smashwords; TESCO Blinkboxbooks; and various other places

6 thoughts on “The return of Nancy Jardine

  1. Thanks Ailsa. Nancy, you’re very busy indeed. Best of luck with your launch. I usually live in Yorkshire so I’ll be checking you book and best of luck with everything. I hope you’ll keep us posted!

    1. Thank you, Olga. I don’t live in Yorkshire but I have visited many of its lovely spots. Pop in and say hi at the FB party!

  2. Sorry I was cut off from the world when this was published (bless my pre-schedule button). I will vamp it around the net today – post publishing publicity is precious – say that with a mouthful of grapes!:

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