A commitment?

Please listen. I want to tell you my story.

I was taken away from my mother when I was a bit too young to manage on my own and given as a present to a woman. Everything went very well for the first few sun-ups and I was good boy and went out in the garden to do my business.

Then they both went out. I was all alone in a strange place. I wanted a poo but there was nobody to open the door for me. I held it in til my tummy nearly burst then I did “shameful thing” on the carpet. They came home and I went low on tummy to show how sorry and ashamed I was but they shouted and slapped me. They didn’t take me out for walks. They threw me in the garden in the cold. I was lonely and cried to be let in.

The next day and the ones after were the same. Nobody took me walk before they went out. The people were away all day and I couldn’t help but be “dirty boy”. After that they chained me up in the garden when they went out. I watched other dogs going for walks with their people and I cried. I sang that I was cold, lonely and wanted my mother. A man with a hat came and he was nice to me. He was a proper doggy person. The people got a telling off cos I was “making a disturbance”. I went low and said sorry but the man with the hat picked me up for a cuddle and said “Not his fault. ”

I was very happy when the man with the hat came back, after a few times of “home all day” when they did take me walks. He was cross. If they had been puppies he would have shouted and slapped them but he didn’t. He picked me up and put me in a box to go to another place where there were lots of dogs, mostly my age. They all had the same story. Sometimes new people came to pick a dog and they smelled like “good doggy people”.

I was very sad. I got angry and began biting.  Christmas Collie Pup.


A pet is for life, not for a celebration.

13 thoughts on “A commitment?

  1. If dogs had to be licensed fewer people would buy them.The license to be issued by a vet who confirmed good health and inserted a chip paid for by the owner. The annual fee thereafter would be enough to fund RSPCA officers to check animal complaints and remove badly treated animals.
    xxx Hugs Ailsa xxx

    1. I agree, David, but I would prefer a test they had to pass on knowledge of care requirements. That would eliminate the “I didn’t know” factor. Something has to be done.

    1. Why, indeed. An animal isn’t an impulse-buy, it is a commitment for their lifetime. Rather like having a baby – but people seem very cavalier in choosing to do that as well!

  2. Sad but so often the case, Ailsa. We don’t have a pet and that is because we go back to the UK to see the family quite often and it just would not be fair on the animals. We have pet owners for neighbours and we look after their dogs and cats when they need us. If Rod and I and another two friends could not, or would not, be available then the animals would come first with our caring neighbours/friends. xx

  3. I’m so glad you shared this post with us.

    If I had my way people would not only get fined heavily and be banned from ever owning pets when they do not take care of them, but they should get a prison sentence or be made to do may hours of community service.

    Having a pet can change your life, but it always must be for the better. Since owning our dog, not only have I become healthier because of all the walks the dog takes me on, I’ve lost weight, sleep better, and met so many new people, many whom would never have probably spoken to me had I not had the dog with me.

    They bring so much love and joy when they come into our lives and we in turn should give them all the love and joy they deserve, in return.

  4. absolutely! cannot agree more with this. Even the cat requires attention…though she is more capable of sleeping and amusing herself. Treat animals as you would treat your own child.

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