Putting the boot in.

Confession time – I get very carried away about boots. Unlike some women, I can walk past a shoe shop without fainting but “les bottes”, the fancier the better, drive me into ecstasy. There is a reason. It’s one of those disaster as disguised blessing goodies which I love.

I have a deformed spine and can’t wear heels. Anything higher than an inch both puts me in agony and causes me to fall flat on my face. Fortunately there are flattie boots that can fulfill any foot-fetishist’s delight easily.

Here is a selection of my collection and no, I don’t spend a fortune. I have secret on-line sources on which I leap when they have special offers. Wander through my boot camp if you will… and this  is only a small example. The last pair were the ones the firemen cut off me in the bike accident…ooooooooooooooooo must replace those soon! Off to look on-line!

2014-04-09 11.59.38 plait boots biker boots star boots


stud boots

8 thoughts on “Putting the boot in.

  1. Not too much on boots myself, mostly as I never got them to fit me.apart from a pair of cowboy boots a friend sent fom Canada, many moons ago. I wore thm when I went horse riding, befire I was married nd my daughtet is niw 49.

  2. Thank you all. Wait…….. there’s more!
    The ones at the top are my special favourites too. I’m sure Riga, may main character would wear them as they have a very Cossack feel to them.
    (this all saves me shaving my legs too – wheeeeeeeee)

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