Not only cruel but thick!

Percy in cageAs many of you know, I used to be be a veterinary nurse, so it takes very little thought on my part to look at this picture of a cat’s leg, to work out it was inflicted by something similar to the picture above and that the animal would have been restrained because no creature is going to stay still to be used as a pincushion once the first wound is inflicted. Take a close look…Percy leg close upI’ve seen this sort of thing before, close up and it makes me very angry. Someone, possibly more than one person because an injured cat struggles,

held this animal down in order to let another person injure it some more. 3 times more!

I am not naming names as there has been no hearing although the perpetrator has confessed (there was a witness) but once the name is public, stand by, because I am going to scream it from the rooftops. I want this person and their family to have to suffer. Why? Because not only did they think this was OK but the Aunt of one of the suspects made threats against my friend for reporting it factually on Facebook. No names were mentioned but ………… they will be, oh believe me they will be. Not only does that assure me that Auntie knows her relative is guilty but it is bullying

Once the status is public I will share with all three thousand of my followers and everyone I know all over the world, not just my friend’s 197 mates. The word will go out world-wide, not just in Nelson. The perp has been charged – watch this space. Photos to follow!

Percy leg

12 thoughts on “Not only cruel but thick!

  1. I am stunned by the fact that the people holding the creature while it was tortured were girls. Excuse me? Forced into helplessness and hurt.. isn’t that akin to gang-rape? I am inclined to agree with Ape – to give them some sense of empathy, go ahead – see what it feels like when someone is hurting you and you can’t move!

  2. I sudder to think, Ailsa, if these people get married and have children , if they haven’t already, what kind of parents they’ll be. I wouldn’t even want my kids to be friends with people like that. It sounds like they have sick, mutated brains. I’m sorry it caused your friend trouble.

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