Knitting with Gyspsies

Yes, you read it right – not Book Two of my memoirs, Knitting With Eels, but what I did yesterday.

Those of you who read my posts on FB will know that it has been a trying couple of days. Myfanwe having been tarted up as our main traveller, a new roller-awning fitted etc, the Old Feller decided to take her out for a test flight.

ˆI love Myfanwe
ˆI love Myfanwe

Several problems, the first being that he suddenly decided to leave a day earlier than planned, leaving me with a day of two important appointments, catching up on “writerly” jobs and packing. I did it, we left yesterday morning and all went well until we got to the camp-site which I remembered from the dim and fairly distant past. Things don’t have to be too far in the past for me to forget them these days. It looks like a football pitch with a couple of breeze-block huts plonked on it. It had also been mainly taken over by travellers, not that I mind them, they usually mind me!

There was no WiFi. That upsets me because all my friends live in my computer and I thrive on chat. The weather, principle reason why we’d left early, it was going to be FINE, decided to sulk. Intermittent rain allowed me to test the area covered by the new awning as I huddled under it knitting, there not being much else to do.

Brain of Bristol hadn’t helped by leaving behind a lot of his food including a large package of boiled ham he’d sliced up. I could imagine the maggot-fest I’d return to. We also appeared to have had a visit from the washing-up liquid imp. Himself rolled up the awning, drove off and left me in the drizzle, still knitting but muttering darkly to myself.

Diversion arrived in the shape of two gypsy boys who were fascinated. We looked through my knitted toys pattern book, discussed if I could knit an aeroplane, listed all the places in the world where I have sent my knittypals. The bigger one then asked to have a go. I showed him and he was very quick on the up-take. We resorted to giving the yarn funny names so it went like this…

So the needle nips up here, under the stitch, Mr. Meanie goes around the back, between the two needles.. remember he wants the yarn yeah? Then he pops through the hole bringing the yarn with him and Voila – he has nicked the stitch and he’s keeping it! Your turn.

Younger lad watched and asked questions between wandering off to fish under my instructions of “and I want a nice fat trout, y’hear? No wee tiddlers. I’m a big lady and I need a big fish” while his bigger cousin was carefully reciting the mantra of “Voila, he’s got the yarn!” totally fascinated.

Chilly enough for him to be wearing this handknit
Chilly enough for him to be wearing this

Old Feller came back, stopped the van a few yards away and watched, shaking his head with a broad smile.

“Can’t leave you alone for ten minutes, can I?”

Well, no…I love making friends.

9 thoughts on “Knitting with Gyspsies

    1. Thanks so much – well I enjoy it and the only way to have fun is to find it in whatever you are doing. I have a magnifying glass so I find all kinds of fun wherever it is hiding!

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