Saying Goodbye

Yet again my blog post is inspired by a few words on social media which is why I stay there even though it has caused much heartache to me and others. If you feel I owe you an apology – take this one, I’m doling them out very evenhandedly today.Sorry

Death as illustrated by Paul Kidby in The Art of Discworld.
Death as illustrated by Paul Kidby in The Art of Discworld.

Death is an equal-opportunities employer, or should that be DEATH is? He really does not consider age, social status or even species. Circumstances often dictate how dire the loss is to the grieving. There being no concrete proof, other than belief, that anything continues after that final breath, I am sure that grief is partly for ourselves. WE won’t see that loved one any more. WE will miss them.

Those who do believe in “something in the great hereafter” are possibly more easily comforted. I may get a lot of flack for this but I will continue because I never learn. A quotation at my spiritualist Great Aunt’s farewell service has stayed with me forever. Obviously spiritualists have a strong conviction that DEATH is not the end, he is taking you somewhere else. Here is what was said:

station“Friends, we are gathered here at the station to wave Norah off on her journey. Each of us will board the train one day and we can only wish her a pleasant voyage. Who knows with whom she will share a compartment?”

There is an old tradition that somebody “comes for you”. Not just DEATH, of course. Perhaps he is kind enough to pick up someone you knew, someone who went before you, a guide? My paternal grandfather was convinced that his late wife was in the room at his death-bed. Confused dying gentleman or genuine sighting? Who knows?

Losing animals is in some ways worse. Most people can’t have a conversation with them so don’t know that the most frequent thing I’ve heard is “I had my time. Thanks for everything, now let me go. I understand better than you.” I’ve also heard “Let me go NOW, this is unbearable.”

If deities are impossible for you, perhaps a deceased family member or previous pet could help? See them “coming to call” for the dying one. Close your eyes and see them leave together.

Off we go, then
Off we go, then

Doesn’t matter where they are off to. You may find out one day. The furry bundle you are left with is just a coat which served its purpose for a while, not needed on voyage.

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