Brenda the Bountiful

Our guest today is a wonderful person and good friend. Not just an author but a tireless worker for charity. Please welcome Brenda May Williams.Brenda

Wait for the carpet to land flat, Bren or you’ll not be able to get off with your sticks. Cam will jump up and give you a hand down. Did you have a nice ride on the magic carpet? Cup of tea? Come on over to the table and make yourself comfy. Cam’s made some cupcakes for you, all pretty icing and decorations with pussycat faces on them.

Now first of all tell us about your books for children which I love! Well, I’m a big kid and everyone knows it!

Firstly I’d like to thank you, Ailsa, for inviting me to have a chat, what an honour. Next, a great big thanks to Cam for making the cupcakes, yum, I do love cupcakes especially ones with pussy cat faces.

Aww – he’s going to give you a hug, not many people thank him for his efforts when we interveiw.

HollyWell, I write all sorts of cute ( in my view) stories for the ‘wee ones’ around ages 3-5 year, I do love to read to children of that age, there’s a lovely innocence in their eyes when they hear stories and they believe just about anything which is nice, they are also quite pedantic so, it has to be just right and enjoyable because they are not shy in telling you if something is ‘Naff‘. My last book was about a little, feisty Hedgehog name Holly Prickles, I was a bit hesitant about bringing Holly out at first because I’d made her a little too feisty for 3-5yrs old age bracket but, I so loved her determination to find a new home for her and her friends after a big storm ruined all their bed that I just thought she deserved be read so, I bit the bullet and had her published and never looked back as she’s become a really loved character and I am told children love her too..

I love your stories, especially the ones about how important and fun re-cycling is. Fabulous. We’ll put the links for your work here… On Amazon UK

Pet Shop

Househouse 2

Now – your other passion in life, apart from Oliver, is something entirely different. Can you please tell my friends what it is and how you became involved, what you do and how they can help if they want to?

Well, I have, I believe, tried to and for the most part been a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves, namely animals. I help out at several animal charities and have adopted numerous unwanted animals over the year, they are my joy. My main objective is to help whoever I can and I am very much involved with the wonderful Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary in the heart of the Brecon Becons national park. I sort of stumbled on the place a few years ago whilst traveling up what I can only describe as a dirt track and seeing a sign for the place, of course I had to stop and see what it was all about. I then got talking to the wonderful Jan and Graham who are the trustees of the place and discovered that they’d actually dedicated over 20 years of their lives rescuing and re-homing just about any kind of animal you can think of from predominantly Apes to horses, pigs, chickens and much more. chimp 1

I quickly realised that this was a place that I could fit it and help so asked Jan if she had school parties etc visiting and was told that yes, indeed they did. One was coming there the next week so, I asked if she’d like me to come and read to them, an invitation she quickly accepted and that’s how my passion with the place began. A chance passing has now turned into me being a fully registered fund-raiser and patron and it’s a passion that is shared by my Facebook friends and other friends who all jump to it if I post a problem and or help with donations of goods, signed books or just about anything that can be sold to raise fund.

Thank you for the interview Ailsa, it’s been a pleasure…

No, the pleasure is all ours, Brenda and I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the Sanctuary so I could “adopt” one of the new boys, Charlie

My "godson"
My “godson”

4 thoughts on “Brenda the Bountiful

  1. Thanks so much Ailsa, it’s been a pleasure, now relax and finish off the cakes I didn’t eat. Ooops, I don’t think I left any did I ? *burp* ….

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