Slobbing in Slovenia

Here we are in Slovenia via the Bodensee (below) which we managed by leaving very early and missing out our first night’s planned camp-site which was only just up the road anyway.



Hurtling through Germany via Munich we carried on to Salzburg and our one night in Austria. So far my language skills were holding up although I would never describe myself as a German-speaker. I do love to make the effort. As other people collect car-sticker or costume dolls, on my hols I collect phrases.

Fabulous mountains in Austria
Nice country, good coffee and nommy cake!

Imagine, then how dismayed I was to find that although written in Latin script, Slovenian looks like a bad draw at Scrabble with few vowels, many pronunciation marks and conspiring to make my attempts sound like I’m sneezing through a gob-full of chewing gum. People are very understanding and everyone we’ve met has been exceedingly kind and spoken English to me. I now brandish the two Slovak words I know “Good!” and “please” like magic wands. At least they make everyone smile. Bless ‘er, she’s trying. So to sum up, so far, so DOBRO!

ˆBrezja campsite
ˆBrezja campsite
ˆcampsite orchard
ˆcampsite orchard

6 thoughts on “Slobbing in Slovenia

    1. Aww thank you – home made pyjamas, so comfy. I think the linguistic part of my brain suffered in the stroke & coma, I just don’t seem to be able to retain new words at all! Massive smiles and much gesturing!

  1. I enjoyed your piece. My husband, who’s spent more time on the continent than me, said that people there appreciate it if you even try to speak their language. You’ve pretty much said the same thing. 🙂

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