The Tale of Otter’s fangs

Our otter without her denture

Is a Dracula for sure.bat

But in the morning, does her biz

Leaving her false teeth in the fizz.

Then pops them back in with a grin

Regains her smiling bright allure.

This morning, brain was hard to clear

Foggy and damp like Scotland dear

She whipped her pegs out, went to forage

For a nice hot bowl of porridge

To Badger had a little talk of taking Lily for a walk

Then out the window she did peer

With boots and coat on, but no hat

Chilly not cold, & that’s a fact

She screams “Oh bugger, I’m I the garden

And my teeth are in the bathroom!”

When Badger, far from merry, says her teeth ain’t necessary

She says “And if I have to chat?”

(Good job she did put them in because they met half the village this morning!)

My contribution to National Poetry Day


4 thoughts on “The Tale of Otter’s fangs

  1. I like bats. We’ve had 2 in our house so far. One we were able to trap and release; the other died in a flower vase. I didn’t even know he was there till I was cleaning off the hutch cabinet and found him dried up in there. Poor little guy.

  2. I have always adored bats but hesitated when we moved into a house infested with horseshoes in the upstairs where we wanted to sleep. Lil beggars used to fly straight at us if we put the light on in the night.

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