WARNING – Possible rant-raiser for invisible disability sufferers. Not meant chimp 1

This is another ramble down the undergrowth-blocked paths of my mind so grab your wellies and a machete and follow me…

I have a wonderful friend who is like a spirit-sister to me with whom I share almost twin life experiences both physical and spiritual. She is one of those rare treasures with whom no explanation is necessary – she gets it. Nuff said.

We don’t chat on the phone very often but when we do it is a powerful healing for both of us. Yesterday was one such time when after an hour of giggling, ranting and comparing patient’s notes we hung up and felt better. I then had a very normal “happening” after talking with her, a spiritual dig in the ribs.file0001270994693

My very dear friends often advise me to consult my spirits and I don’t do it often enough but in times of dire need they kick my psychic bum. Yesterday, out of nowhere, I suddenly thought of an Aussie vet with whom I worked who was hypoglycemic. Not diabetic, you understand, but the word was above her head in glowing letters. This had to be a message so, despite my misgivings that Badger’s recent downturn with his diabetes was colouring my judgement, I called it up on the computer.

Here is the test I took 

I read further. Every word I took in meant me. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Linked to and often confused with… Bipolar? Often symptoms match and can be co-morbid with… Causes? Severe abdominal failure – like having half your colon removed?

I jumped for joy because even if that isn’t my main problem, taking on the treatment for THAT can only help my other symptoms. Strange that this is happening when we are on a stringently-reduced sugar intake to help Badger which has also made me drop half a stone (4 kilos) and one of the main treatments for hypoglycemia is cutting out sugar at least at the start of the treatment.

Yes I used to skip meals but I feel like I have another arrow in my quiver. Goodness knows I can use any weapons to hand with my history (at least metaphorically,  I’m standing on a pile of telephone directories  to see over the health barrier tee hee)

I am not about to start an epidemic but if you start to think you have CFS, feel faint or wobbly, crave sweet things, you can look for more information on this site which includes a free booklet to download.

I wish you all Bonne Santé and I’m off for a gentle stroll – excessive exercise is not advised (whoopppeee I’m a lazy fart anyway)

laughing bear

POSTSCRIPT – I’m not suggesting that this is the answer to everyone’s problems. I know that having suggestions pumped at you when you KNOW what is wrong is wearing. But if you are still searching for any-darn-thing that might help slightly, I hope I’ve helped.

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