Same problem

As many of you enjoyed my first Crone tale I thought I would tell you a personal one.

I used to be a veterinary nurse and there are a couple of things in common with that and being a Crone. The decision to end suffering or try to prolong life is one and the impossibility of dealing with one’s own animals is the other.

Our old Gubby was a smashing dog. Despite having one front leg missing and starting out on the streets as a begging aid, he had a wonderful life once he adopted us. Always up for fun, never missed a ride in the car or a walk, even a boat ride when the opportunity presented itself. Right to the end he wanted to come with the others for their afternoon wander. He would flop down and say “OK chaps, I’m going to sit this one out. Pick me up on the way back.” When we returned he would be lying patiently, waiting to struggle to his three feet and hop on with us.

Eventually his heart started to give out and we had to do the deed. As usual, I was there to the end, holding him and making sure my voice was the last he heard, my hands on his fur. When he was totally still and the vet nodded to me, indicating he was “gone”, another Crone slipped her hand into mine and shooed me away.

Standing outside the vet’s I watched as if through the wrong end of a telescope as the story unfolded. The hooded figure came out with Gubby, all four feet bouncing, young and sprightly, making me think she would take him to the Rainbow Bridge but she turned and shook her head, bright eyes sparkling in her lined face.

Instead, she walked him down to the river where a barge was waiting. Being a good pagan I immediately thought “Oh the Isle. She is taking him to the Summerlands!” Gubby took one look at the boat and glanced back at me, his tongue lolling in a huge grin… boat ride!!!

There is no island in the middle of the river through our town but I saw them glide to an island where Cernunnos, the Horned LordCern stood waiting on the water’s edge. Gubby recognised Him and jumped up in greeting. As if I were standing next to them, I heard the Goddess’ consort say “Oh you fine fellow! Now you have your legs back, I think you should come hunting.”

I realised that the next time I looked up at night sky, the Wild Hunt would be riding and in there would be Gubby, his eyes two bright stars, with his new Boss. I couldn’t have been happier.

And the other Crone – I know Her too. She is my Boss and saved me the pain of taking my own dog to the hereafter. Blessed Be.

6 thoughts on “Same problem

    1. Thank you Erica and Susan – it is the only thing that makes the passing of one of my friends bearable. I’ve been there, I’ve seen them at peace or playing with long-gone pals. If I didn’t know that I would break my heart.

  1. oh how wonderful that he was able to go with Cernunnous this story gave me goosebumps in a good way. Just recently we had to say goodbye to our wonderful cat Tig, she had been with us for 15 years, through some of the worst times she was always there and I am so happy that her last years were spent in complete love and peace in our house. i know a crone came for her and escorted her like the Queen she was in life. Blessed be

    1. If my writing brought you any joy or peace then I am very pleased. I am sure that Tig will be waiting with the other Queen, Bastet, in the lovely Egyptian temple near the Rainbow Bridge so you know where to fine her when you take the hand of the Crone – we do people too, especially those whose animal friends are waiting xxx

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