Hermits beware

Anyone wondering why I sometimes have to take time out from social media doesn’t understand how an online community can take the place of a real-life one for those of us who are virtually housebound by illness or invalidity. This usually means that we end up taking it all far too seriously.

Some of our on-line pals are the nearest we have to real friends. We know and care about their families, rejoice for their successes or grieve for their troubles. Others, of course, as in real-life are mere acquaintances. Even so, their interactions with us hit harder than they should. If a near -stranger was rude to me in a supermarket I’d shrug it off but someone with whom I regularly exchange on FB cuts deeper. There are people on line who have become family to me. We phone each other and care very much. Some I meet, some I probably never shall. Doesn’t matter. They are still my “same-litter peeps”.

I’m on here now to share a story that shows me up to be a complete idiot but might serve to help others avoid a similar trap

Driver whiz logoWhen I downloaded some software called Driver Whiz , I paid for it and then had to register. So far, so normal. Unfortunately the links didn’t work and I was given a telephone number to contact. Yes, bells should have rung then but I’ve heard of it before so I rang the toll free number supposedly in Dublin.

You guessed it. Having got my driver app registered and working I was then taken through a long hard-sell for 24/7 tech assistance. Fortunately, although in a lot of pain and not thinking straight (or I would have put the phone down immediately) I chose to pay by card, not paypal.

The moment I got off the phone and could use my laptop I checked on them TECHLIVE CONNECT. Watch out for them. Instantly I found they were scammers, got in touch with my bank to cancel my card and especially that payment. I then contacted Paypal and demanded my money back from Driver Whiz who were the ones who got me into this mess in the first place. It only took Paypal half an hour to decide in my favour.

I was lucky. My personal banker got in touch today and congratulated me on reacting correctly and quickly. I was very lucky indeed. I’d have been even luckier if I’d listened to the “bad feeling” in my guts.

If this happens to you – it IS too good to be true. Don’t touch it. Don’t go near either of these web sites and if you find yourself being hard-sold on the telephone, slam it down.

I care – OK?

I’m feeling  a lot better emotionally but my back is so bad that my physiotherapist is suggesting a prescription to hire a similar electrodes machine I use up there every week. It is the only thing that stops the muscles being in spasm. Eh well – I’m sure I’ll be back shortly even if I am getting a lot more done now… (and sleeping a lot).

22 thoughts on “Hermits beware

  1. Glad you reacted immediately.
    I was almost done in last June but they came to me by entering my laptop. I won’t tell you the whole story but again same sales pitch while a voice talked so loud on my screen and froze everything I couldn’t turn down the sound. Long story short, they led me to believe I need to call a number which said Microsoft Support at the bottom of the screen on a page they had inserted there. The ‘nice’ lady told me not to worry, she’d scan my machine, which she did… eke. Had to cancel all my cards and take computer to geek squad for cleaning. Cost me mega bucks too. Same product. A little different approach. 😦

    1. OH bollix – that is foul. And you don’t know what kind of malware they might have put in there. Good idea to pay for a super-clean. I gave mine a cleanout with every bit of security software I own once I’d finished with the bank. Bad luck – they are so insistent. xx

  2. Thanks for posting this, there are too many scammers out there with no scruples. i am a great believe in what goes around comes around and the rule of “what you give out you get back, threefold.” They will get what they give out, i hope. Hope you are feeling better and that your back is not so bad. I can sympathise with the spasms, mine does that too, it is so painful.

  3. Take care and take your time. On the other hand, hurry back. You’re right we do care about some people and miss their work.
    I’m sorry you were scammed but well done on such quick reactions. It’s a pain though cancelling a credit card and waiting for a new one. I’ve found ebay and paypal to be great when I’ve needed refunds for goods not arrived etc. I’m grateful to them.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Bless you all for caring and sharing; I won’t make that mistake again. My bank are great and paypal have leapt to it. Financially so far I am OK Only very quick reactions with re-setting my computer to an earlier date made sure none of their crap stayed in it.
    At least I am a Koshare – great example of how NOT to do it! xxx

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