Polyglot Transvestite

Greetings pals.

Having promised to leave you alone, I find myself on a Camping-Car Park-up with WiFi included so I can’t refuse to tell you of two recent changes.

As Badger prefers me to have my head covered I’ve taken to wearing the “Geezer Titfur” above. Evidently this makes people thing I’m a man because when we went for a coffee yesterday evening I got chatting to this charming feller who liked Lily IMG_20160319_160116 and he is the first to ever hear my Scottish accent through my French. It was also obvious that I was a  bloke because he referred to me in the masculine. I didn’t put him right but thought – Cameron really does live on. I’m half -minded to have my boobs removed and revert to Cameron (it appears on my birth certificate). I had a big giggle and called Badger “Papa” all night.

This evening we arrived at Millau in one of the special Camping-Cars only spots. This costs 10 euros a night but includes water, electricity and WiFi so good oh! But the entrance is automated and computer-controlled. We were stuck behind a queue of Swedish, German and Dutch vans having trouble getting the barrier to open. Of course, being a nosy old otter, I wandered up and lent a paw.

Two hours later I had a job. Everyone thought I worked there and handed their phones over to me to call Brigitte in Paris with whom I’d become quite good pals for her to issue an emergency code number for each name. Why me? Because I’m bilingual French/English but can get by in German and Dutch. That seemed to cover most of the utterly lost people who had paid their money and for whom the barrier wouldn’t open.

Grabbing their mobiles I called Paris “Hi, It’s Elise again. Their name is … and they paid …yes, usual thing, card not recognised. Gissa code. Ta, love.

By the end I’d been offered a job but was becoming a bit tired of folks getting their hair off at me thinking I was the camp-site manager. I took off my hat, showed my Marine-cut and bawled “Shut UP” at them. That seemed to work. I’m now hiding in Vanner with a lot of coffee. Finished for the day and just passing by to say – See? I don’t go looking for trouble, it comes looking for me! And it finds me – every bloody time!

See you all soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good Geezer
Good Geezer


12 thoughts on “Polyglot Transvestite

  1. What an adventure. Those people were fortunate to find someone who could speak all those languages or they could still be standing there and unable to get in. The hat looks great. Now all you need is a trench coat to go with it. Very film noir. 😀 — Su zanne

  2. Thanks all – I’m tempted to let a ciggie hang from the corner of my mouth and do a Philip Marlow impression.
    It IS all jolly good fun and as I get more enjoyment out of changing appearances than I ever did from trying to be pretty – this is ideal for me.
    Off to Orange, home of my big pal Marco, today.

  3. You know what they say about good deeds Ailsa. I hope you let that bunch know just how grateful they should have been that you stopped to show a bit of kindness and they should have been appreciative.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. Sometimes it feels like EVERY good deed I’ve done in my life has been punished… but then I think how fortunate I am, especially with having friends all over the world through the miracle of internet and I know that any kindnesses I have shown are settled in full.

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