Any of you who have read my Alchemy series will be familiar with this process. It is a Shaman’s way of travelling to one of the three worlds to talk with their guides.

I need to do this at the moment and have no idea how long it will take although each particular journey only lasts between 15 and 20 minutes snowy owlbecause we don’t stay too long in any of the worlds in trance. The temptation to stay for good is too strong. Just as Riga visited her Upper World guide and was taken to Owl Spirit for particular advice, I may have to travel several times to meet the right entity to advise me.

A lot is going on in my life at the moment and trying to get my head on straight is proving too much for one Crone. I need help. As some are practical problems, I’ll go to the Underworld to consult my Power Animal and see if she can suggest anyone useful. Others are loss of control emotionally so my Upper World guide will need to take charge of that.

Things are a bit cluttered in my mind as my characters are bursting in and bullying me. Already Dagda has claimed Book Three as his own, shoving DagdaIamo, Riga and the pregnancy to Book Four. OK I can cope with that. I have the tales in my head, it’s just getting them on the screen that hurts. Yes, logically that would be a sensible way to tackle the timeframe. But could you all shut up a minute and let me sketch a few lines on the paper before we start sloshing paint everywhere?

So when I said I was going on a trip and had no idea how long I would be away, you understand what I mean. I might get good advice in half an hour or it might take a couple of days – right up til Badger comes home.

Whatever, I hope to be slightly more balanced when I come home and can chat again xxx

7 thoughts on “Journeying

  1. Blessings on your journey and I hope that you will find the answers you need. Perhaps when you have the time, we could talk more about your spirit journeys, I completely understood what you meant but finding the words to explain is difficult. Anyway, blessings on you and I`ll stop waffling. lol

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