I suppose it is slightly ironical that when I post about my shaman search for answers to my own questions, it always prompts others to ask me about the process.

I used to teach “the Craft” which is an overall and over-used term for anything a bit WooWoo. I don’t now but I am very happy to answer questions or chat with anyone who is interested. I’m very flattered that anyone would like to know.

As comparitive religions is my life-long study, spiritual tourism a hobby and the subject of my Alchemy series, I suppose I’m not a bad person to ask. I can put you in the direction of the man who introduced me to shamanism, Mike Williams PhD. Read about him in my interview with him ‘I love the Doctor”.

Just ........... NO!
Just ……….. NO!

Warning – as a magic-user, I am sleeves-rolled up, highly practical and allergic to velvet. My job is more suitable to jeans and a ripped shirt  – see my post   A job for the  Crone.

However, if you want to come and sit around the woodstove in my kitchen in the Bingergread Cottage you are very welcome and I’m sure there will be loads of tea, coffee and home made cake.

My own journeying has gone very well and much more quickly than I thought which often happens because you already KNOW the answers, you are just seeking support. The message above is going to save me a load of emotional energy expended uselessly. I have even got some kicks up the bum from some well-known writers – yes, I could have predicted those too but it is nice to have confirmation.

So come and find me on Facebook  and we can natter. If I get enough people interested in similar things I’ll do them as

Love ALL critters - that's a slow-worm.
Love ALL critters – that’s a slow-worm.

posts on here. Relax – no animal sacrifice (as if – I’m a bloody vegetarian!) the Devil is a Christian invention so doesn’t come into it and I don’t teach how to do evil to people because I believe in the law of Threefold Return – what you give out comes back to you three times stronger. So while I might chance my arm on my own behalf, I am not going to put any of you in danger.

So – come on round, the kettle is permanently boiling on the stove, Lily and Piston love having visitors and I don’t get much chance to chat about my chosen subject.


10 thoughts on “Questions…

    1. Cathy – you are already a friend. if you ever want to chat to me about something that is on your mind, you know how to get hold of me. I can telephone cheaply to landlines too.

  1. Well, I don’t know much about it, but I’m a number fan of Terry Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax, I love a cup of tea and I’m a bloody vegetarian, so I might fit in somewhere.

  2. How absolutely wonderful, this post has put the biggest smile on my face. I was brought up with the law of threefold return (not to mention copious amounts of tea and cake) and reading this instantly brought to mind my mother and grandmother. Sending you all the best. Blessed be.

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhh – you’d have got on with my mother and grandma then. All the little rituals like not throwing flowers in the bin – thanking them for their beauty and burning them so they go back to the earth with the ashes, donating hair from hairbrushes to the birdies for their nests – oh yes, I was brought up like that. My Grandma, a stout (in both senses) Calvinist wouldn’t read the cards on a Sunday (oh honestly!)

      1. Exactly it! NEVER throw away flowers. I burn all my garden rubbish and transfer the ashes either directly onto the soil or put it in the compost. Same thing with the hairbrush! I was also brought up by my grandmother and mother in this way – to be part of the circle of life. It is a beautiful thing. Your grandma sounds absolutely super!

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