Never a stranger for long.

You may have got the idea from my last post about her that Nanny Ab is allergic to teenagers. Far from it. She was one herself in a past century and sometimes feels that she still is. Certainly she was obnoxious and lacked manners, but like all small animals, teenagers are only trying out their teeth and claws to see how well they work. Inevitably they find that other animals have bigger and stronger appendages but this ritual must be observed.

It is a given that Nanny Ab does not stay a stranger wherever she finds herself nor for how long so it will not surprise any of you to hear that just spending an “overnighter” in a car park she gathered a following.

Since she went bald, Nanny Ab has taken to wearing a succession of different headgear to suit her mood, from the “bugger off and leave me alone” niquab to jaunty “male or female” titfers that cause amusement to her and confusion to the general public.

Recently she designed a fanciful creation concerning her village which reads in the local language Montarlot – Centre of the World. It is in her androgynous style. Lumbering across the carpark to the ciggie shop (yes, that leg still doesn’t work properly) a group of teens called out a polite greeting to her. Nanny Ab knows this gambit. Will the grown-up sniff and walk on hurriedly or will they acknowledge the youths’ presence; Neither! Nanny Ab swept off her baseball cap and gave them a polite bow, with a respectful greeting to both sexes.

Some horrified squeaks from the females caused a wicked grin as she replaced her cap and continued on her nicotine hunt. On the way back they were stripping cherry blossom from the tree under which they were sitting and showering each other with it. They expected to be told off. Feeling that there were enough cherry trees for a few blooms not to be missed, Nanny Ab sighed melodramatically and said “Oh I do love weddings” which wasn’t expected.

Neither was the very tall 15 year old who called to her and held out a spray of blossom. With a delighted beam she gave him the four kisses and said how gallant he was. Tucking it behind her ear in the rim of her cap, she didn’t see him but according to Badger who witnessed the scene, said yoof apparently turned to the others and did a victory dance, proud that his audacity had been taken in the spirit in which it was meant.

No, Nanny Ab isn’t allergic to anyone. She just insists on manners in her own home. Outside, she will play anyone’s games.

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