So I’m wrong!

Nanny Ab here again. Well, one of my good points is that when proved wrong I am gracious about it. I have many faults, as Missy and the Ancient Mariner never fail to point out to me but….

We are here and so far, not one person has held out their paw for a tip. In fact, people have been unfailingly charming and helpful, apart from the stupid cow at the first campsite who wanted us to reverse the camping car and trailer out onto a main road because they were closed for lunch and it was more than her job was worth to open the barrier for two minutes to allow the A.M. to turn around. I was all for just parking there in front of the barrier but he reasoned with her that if she did that, there was an accident and the police were called, he would claim it was her fault. In no European country can you reverse out onto a main road. We won.

I’m sitting back and enjoying the sun. Yes! This time we have hit lucky and the temperatures are in the high twenties °C which is very acceptable. Missy is sitting opposite wearing a floaty Indian skirt and fancy light top with scoop neck and puff sleeves – hard to believe I know but true!

Dare I tell you where we are? Well now that I have decided that this part is OK I can. We are in Italy and Herself has let her genes take over. Something you may not know about Missy is that where some people collect costume dolls on their travels, she collects languages, at least a few phrases to be jolly and sociable. The fact that she studied mime with a student of Marcel Marceau for 3 years at college helps a lot. As does her propensity to take the piss out of herself mercilessly. She figures if she is already laughing, it is an invitation for others to join in and who doesn’t like a good laugh?

So, despite having sworn she wouldn’t, she is picking up Italian as we go. Several years of Latin at her snooty girls’ school helps, as does being a co-opted Catholic since being in France. OK so greeting people with “Ave” or “Salve” is a bit old fashioned but the Italians take it in good part and it gets the giggles going.

Nobody speaks French but there are lots of similarities to the languages so she is off around the campsite like a wee girl with a new toy, showing off to people and roaring with laughter when it goes wrong, then beaming and blowing kisses when it goes right. The woman next door speaks French so she had a replacement for Granny Marie Louise in the village and by chance this one Is Mariliese… not hard to remember. They have been swapping home made jam and freshly brewed Dolce Gusto coffee while babbling away.

The Ancient Mariner has his head buried in the Daily Mail on line and hasn’t found any English speaker so is having a rest.

Me? I’m just taking a break from being her minder, making friends with the trees and stuff around here and being grateful She hasn’t taken against anyone. I’m taking notes for this bit of the memoires of course.

It’s fun being invisible because I get to see things others don’t. Yesterday in a café Herself chatted up a nice young lady and they got through the “Sorry I don’t speak… but I can do loads of others” with suitable gestures. The café woman complimented Herself on her pronunciation which caused me to choke on my cappucino – at home she is always picked up on it the moment she opens her gob. Exit one happy lil witch skipping and smiling because at least here people don’t go “Oh so you’re English” which she isn’t and makes her very tetchy!

They are thinking of going via San Merino just so she can send postcards “I was here” and possibly Assisi because, St Francisbeing a vet nurse and healer, he IS one of her favourite saints and she does have her traditional “holiday souvenir rosary” to buy.

I’m nudging her towards Assisi because good ole Franco has helped her out a few times.

I’ll write more as we go on. I’m happy and so are they -so far, so good.

5 thoughts on “So I’m wrong!

    1. Well the Ancient Mariner doesn’t mind and he knows she has to go to at least one big Catholic site during each holiday and come out clutching statues etc. (She swears they are for her pals in the rosary club) so I think…….;

  1. So glad that things are going so right! My son jake is going back to Italy for vacation in October…he was stationed there for 2 years~or was it three~in the Navy. Just remember to come home to us.

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