Smug to be back.

Nanny Ab again. Last one from me for a while. Herself and the A.M. are buzzing around falling over each other unpacking so I can nick the comfy computer to let you know we are all back in one piece.


Slight hilarity with sudden outbreak of pepper – A.M. had broken the lid on a pot of and not told Missy. She grabbed it off the shelf and the bed in Vanner is now grey. Definitely a sneezing zone in there at the moment.

Other funny was “the case of the hidden insect”. While poodling about the kitchen both Piston and Missy heard an insect chirping sound. Intrigued, they both went to investigate and came, at the same moment, to a pile of boxes which only proves that herself is as good a tracker as the cat. Inside was a small folding alarm clock which must have decided it was time to wake up.

What did we learn? A few words of Italian and a more open mind, I think. Yes, some of them are vile but that is true the world over. As we say in French “there is no nationality for git”. Switzerland is gorgeous, as clean as an OCD’s bathroom and horribly expensive. Not only was the campsite exorbitant but a veggie burger for Missy, an ordinary one for him, two helpings of chips and a bit of cake each was nearly the price of the stay. I took back what I said while rolling along.  “Oh look at that wee town down there by the lake. It would be lovely to go there for a few days. There’s a paddle-steamer across to the town on the other side and it’s really lovely countryside.”

Forget it Nanny, your entire  pension would go in the first day!

milk whisk
Frothy maker
Old fashioned perc

It’s good to be back and I don’t know when the A.M. will decide it is time to flee the nest again. Now that Missy is back to writing she can’t wait to get her study sorted out and hide away in there which is good news for anyone, like me, who rather loves her characters. (I have to, I live with them!) In Italy she caught got infected with capuccinitis and has bought a milk frother plus an old fashioned percolator which together cost half the price of a fancy capsule machine but mean she can have her “in my study coffee”.  Yes she is only 8 at heart and loves her toytoys.

It would have been her mother”s birthday tomorrow so at least that’s one happy day. Old bitch would have been 86 and nobody in the family has reached that age yet (I’m 305 but don’t count). Her birthday was always a series of her tantrums and tears ending up in a drunken embarrassent for all concerned. Missy now celebrates that date as she never could before!

Me? I’m going to take it easy for a day and go around the village greeting my old pals and then I will get to work on the chapter “The Italian Knob”. Catch you later when I can use the computer. Nice to have been around. Thank you kindly for having me xxx.

3 thoughts on “Smug to be back.

  1. Don’t be gone too long Nanny. I get missing you. However, I am certainly ready for my daily chats with Otter. ❤

    1. oh Missy will be back full of it soon, Silky. She has missed you and all her mates on line. I will be around. Who knows? I might even get my own FB account one day. That would be fun – dragon views from a fire-breather! xxx

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