From the Auvergne

The flying carpet is coming in from south of me today and I’m not entirely sure how many will be on it – certainly my good friend Tottie Limejuice, 141117_Meor her alter ego, crime writer L M Krier but perhaps Ted Darling or maybe her two hounds (or all four of them together).

Here it comes. I’ve got plenty on the table because I’m sneaking this in after a bigger splash we did with Brook Cottage Books. She will have been very busy and need a nibble.

Sit you down and help yourself. I have some ginger beer for a change. Now, Ms Lean-Mean Writing-Machine. How many of Ted’s books have you produced so far?

Just about to publish the fifth in the DI Ted Darling crime fiction series, and under pressure from my friend Ted here, I have already started the sixth.

Pick me up, I fainted. At the moment we’re promoting Baby’s Got Blue Eyes. Where does that one come in the series?

Baby’s Got Blue Eyes is number one in the series, just being relaunched with a brand new cover which is fabulous, and Ted and I are very excited about it.

I know, I fell in so much in love with the eyes that I made them a feature picture for the blog hop!eyes

So help me with calculations – after that there are how many titles, up to tomorrow?

After Baby, there’s Two Little Boys, When I’m Old and Grey, and Shut Up and Drive. The latest one will hopefully be out by mid-July. I’m paranoid about making the title known early on, so if I told you, I’d have to kill you, then Ted would arrest me. I’ll just say that, like the others, it comes from a song. This one was a hit for Roy Orbison, and was also used to advertise a chocolate bar.suad - kindle final cover

Phew! I’ll talk to you from under the table you make me feel so inadequate. Ted just turned up out of the blue (so to speak). What prompted him? I know before you have been better known for best-selling memoires of your move to France.

BIFF2_ResizedAlthough I wrote the Sell the Pig series of travel memoirs, four in all, and I’ve just started the fifth, my own reading preference has always been crime fiction. I was getting a bit bored of all the fictional police being very similar and was thinking there must be scope for someone a bit different. I went to sleep with that thought in my head and, quite unbidden, Ted invaded my head-space while I was asleep and gave me a dream which was the perfect start to the series.

I know what you mean – rotten marriage and drug/alcohol dependency behind them but struggling through anyway.

I had something of a background in crime, not as a criminal, but as a journalist (court reporter) and I also worked for a time as a case tracker for the Crown Prosecution Service, all of which was a big help.

May I have some more ginger beer, please? And would you have a dash of lime to put in Ted’s?

Yes of course – Ted, help yourself to more quiche too. Woohoo – no wonder you know the criminal system inside out – I was beginning to wonder.

I know you mentioned me writing quickly and it’s true, I do. I wrote four of the Teds in the first year. But again it’s down to background. Working first as a journalist and later as a freelance copywriter/copy editor, you quickly learn about deadlines and the ones I set myself are pretty tight.

I do a lot of my writing in my head. I have two rescued border collies, Fleur and Rosie, so when I’m walking them, I’m generally working out scenes in my head, then once we get back to the house, I bash it all out while it’s still in what I laughingly call my brain.

I do that when I am able to walk. Poor Lilydog could probably quote whole conversations from my books!

Future exciting plans for this year include the release of my first children’s fiction book, which has a dog and a crime twist – no surprises there! – under another pen name, L M Kay. It’s with the illustrator at the moment and his drawings are exquisite, so I can’t wait for it to be finished.

Ted! Pick me up please, your author keeps making me faint! I can’t wait to read the dogs and detectives story (I adore children’s books and I’ll read it aloud to Lily)

Well, thanks so much for having us, but we have to get going now. You know how anxious Ted gets when he’s away from the nick too long, even though he trusts his team. Thanks again.

Our pleasure – come again soon, both of you and our love to Fleur and Rosie, hope to get over and see you all whenever possible xxx Byeeeeee

Author Biog

Retired journalist, freelance copywriter and copy editor Lesley Tither writes under various pen names for different genres. Already well known for travel memoirs as Tottie Limejuice, Lesley also writes crime fiction under the name L M Krier.

Lesley is a former journalist, working as both a criminal court and coroner’s court reporter. She also worked as a case tracker for the Crown Prosecution Service, and for a firm investigating irregularities in offshore finance. Her other jobs have included owning and running a holiday riding centre and acting as a ‘charity mugger’, lying in wait to sign up shoppers for a wildlife charity.

Lesley’s interests centre around nature and wildlife and encompass dogs, wild camping and organic gardening. She lives in the Auvergne region of Central France and holds dual French/British nationality. Her current dogs are two rescued border collies.

OOH what’s this on his chair? Ted’s left me a picture. That’s kind of him. Look! 160621_TED5-Only the Lonely#5-KINDLE

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