Emergency Surgery

2016-07-11 19.29.49
floppity neck

Above in Bonnie Annie, a new damaged orphan who came to us needing a lot of TLC. She was suffering from terminal floppity-neck syndrome.


Having examined her I decided that an emergency kapok transplant was the only answer. First I had to make an incision at the back of her neck. Then there was an endless amount of kapok-pulling to do.


Why Bonnie Annie? Oh well she said when she fell onto the doorstep of the orphanage that she had heard there were pirates living here. She wants to be a female pirate ted. Well why not? Anne Bonnie was human so we re-named her Bonnie Annie because she will be when she is better.

After this it was a case of squinting and stitching, stitching and squinting sutures or “sutures” as we call them. Obviously I had to keep examining herinternal until she was satisfied that the neck was nice and stiff again.

How you feeling?
Great thanks, Matron!


6 thoughts on “Emergency Surgery

  1. You are a skilled and loving Teddy Fixer! Bonnie Annie will be loed until her fur wears off and she turns “real”

  2. Thank you – now we start on making her a new pirate outfit including an eye patch for where her own went missing. I’ll keep you posted. think she might be a long-term resident having had such a traumatic time before coming here.

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