One Month to go 14th August

Dear Friends,

Just a note to remind you that Nanny Ab will be most displeased if you don’t come to the Croning Ceremony / birthday party she is throwing for me on Facebook.

We’ve made it public so anyone can come along but there will be two of my friendly Troll mates on the door so any trouble will be dealt with quickly by diamond teeth.

It starts at 12.00 midday GMT and will finish when I collapse.

Crone – just to explain. In some pagan paths this is a coming of age ceremony for women who have gone past the “Mother” stage to salute that they have been on this good earth long enough to survive and “know a bit”. I consider the term Crone a promotion, rather like Mother Superior instead of Sister. Like the word “witch” it has been debased but I still cherish it and am very proud of having got to 60 despite trying to fling myself into DEATH’s arms so often.

There will be games and prizes but no presents, no cards. Please just post pictures of what you might have bought me. I don’t want the Postal Service to benefit from my birthday.

Do hope you can all come Crone Me (hit this link to join)13335579_636460239839319_9128306246605241244_n

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